Which Kitchen Faucet Did You Choose? - 3

rococogurlMarch 8, 2014

Has anyone used the Kohler Vinnata lately? I've been seeing a lot of Waterstone and Delta but not that one.

That was the top pick 3 years ago, followed by Grohe Ladylux Plus and Kohler's Simplice.

Guess it's time to see what everyone is using now. I posted my high arc faucet last time but no change there (though I've thought about it because every time I clean it I think I should have the Kohler Sensate that you don't even need to touch).

What did you go with? Pics?

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I like that the spout only reaches 9.5". I goofed and ordered a Hansgrohe Allegra and find that the spout reaches almost 2" further towards the front of the sink. I had forgotten to check that dimension before ordering. I am sure it will splash. My sink is an Orca but this faucet is still too big. I'll have to return it which is always a pain online.

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Not able to use them yet, but they're here... (:
Kohler Karbon for main sink.
Kohler Hi-Rise Side Spray for island prep sink.

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I'm sticking with the simplice.....I had read very good things about it and it just so happened that was the standard faucet my builder offered as well.

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I kept my Graff Bollero faucet that I got about 5 years ago. It blends really well with my granite and Cafe Brown sink. It is also perfect for my super single sink, the water hits just in the center. The base peeled a bit when we uninstalled it and Graff replaced it, so it is brand new.

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That is very elegant looking.

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Moen Arbor MotionSense. Love the no-touch, wave feature. I turned the front-facing eye off (kept getting my sleeve wet when I'd reach in) but kept the upper sensor on. Love, love, love not having to touch the faucet when my hands are goopy. The pull down sprayer is great. The switch stays on once pressed and you can switch back to the regular flow with the same switch. No need to shut it off to disengage. You can even temporarily stop the flow on the sprayer by pushing down the button and holding. Very happy with this faucet. This picture was from the day it was installed--the first day in 6 months I had running water in the kitchen. I was a very happy girl. :)

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I also have the Moen Arbor MotionSense faucet and I love it! It is one of my favorite features in my new kitchen.

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Allright.....I remodeled my last kitchen (and relied on the advice from this great forum!) about 5 years ago. I'm now doing another remodel, in a new home, so faucets have changed! We installed a Grohe Concetto right before we sold our house and enjoyed if for about a month....I never realized there was room for improvement in a kitchen faucet. Anyway, can you catch me up on all of the new features (sensors, what?!).

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Oh man, if I could only decide....think I am headed toward the Blanco Culina.

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Got the Delta Trinsic (not sensored), but it's not installed yet. It's huge but otherwise I love the look.

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Hansgrohe Talis S

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Grohe Bridgeford. I was just thinking the other day how much I love my faucet. There is zero splash. It has the steel ribbed hose which makes it very flexible. If I were buying a new faucet I would avoid the nylon type of hose at all costs. My mother has one of those type and it's so stiff and much harder to move around when the sprayer is extended. She doesn't like it at all. Make sure the arc is high enough so that you can rinse dishes under it. That is another complaint she has since she has a double bowl sink the faucet is so low even though it's sort of an arc it is not high enough to fit deeper type dishes under it to rinse without it hitting the center divider. Her sink is on the smaller side.

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We remodeled in December and moved our two year old Kohler Elate over to the new countertop/sink. We have a modern house and I thought why replace a faucet we like that still looks new.

Love the pull out feature and will never have a faucet that didn't.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Elate

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Waterstone traditional pulldown

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robo (z6a)

Delta trinsic and wish I'd gone for touch. At the time it seemed pricey.

I'm Polished chrome and husband is stainless steel, he's the cook so got stainless in kitchen. I am putting a delta grail with touch20 in polished chrome in my laundry room, a bit more old fashioned looking handle and I prefer chrome. The magnetic docking is something I absolutely love! Just that little bit of extra security when putting the spray head back.

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hansgrohe talis C.... "rubbed bronze"

2 years in and love it!!!!

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What a great thread since I know in my renovated kitchen I want a Faucet that allows tall items to be filled underneath and has a pull-out faucet also! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and pictures.

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Another Delta Trinsic here. Love everything about it. I didn't even consider the touch-free version ... I've been annoyed too often by the automatic faucets in public restrooms!

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I like mine too, Brizio Vuelo, smart touch.

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Does anyone have a Newport Brass? I'm looking at the Jacobean. Much as I'd love a touch sensor, my husband would love even more a matte black finish which I agree will look great in our soon to be remodeled kitchen in an old Spanish house with lots of wrought iron. The Newport Brass was the only one I could find with that kind of finish that wasn't too modern looking for the room (besides Waterstone which is so pricey).
All the touch sensor models seem to come only in stainless, chrome or ORB. Am I missing something out there? I don't terribly mind giving up the touch sensor for looks since I've never used one and don't yet know what I'll be missing. But I do mind sacrificing function for looks so I want to make sure Newport Brass is good.

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Grohe LadyLux Cafe in SS. Love the functionality (ergonomic, good "hand feel" during use). Looks? Not as much. Not fond of the bump-out opposite the handle, nor the handle shape itself. But, this was a function over form kitchen decision for us.

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We have the Grohe Ladylux in our current kitchen and will be using one in our new kitchen (different house).

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@redjulie - what I am seeing that's newest: touch, motion sensor, electronic controls, LED lighting in the sprayer, hot/cold/filter all-in-ones, plus pulldown & pull outs in combo with all of the above. Some of the prices for these are nutsoid, or at least for now. Others are a splurge for extra easy function. Then there's the question of what's really cool vs annoying. But so many great looking faucet choices with tons of features.

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Bookworm, on your Vuelo is the pull down piece the brown part? It looks a little small--do you find you can grab it easily to pull down?

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We chose the Waterstone Traditional Style Pulldown in chrome. We just love the looks of it and it feels very substantial. It won't be installed until the 1st week in April, I hope, when the cabinets are done.

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@SherylJ, I had a Newport Brass Antique Brass bathroom faucet in my old bathroom and it was not supposed to be a "living" finish, but it turned out to be. Also the plumber was cursing a lot about installing it, but that could have been because of the sink cutout more than the actual faucet. It had a lifetime guarantee and I did invoke it to get new handles to replace the tarnished ones. They were very good about it. I would not get a fancy finish again though because of that experience. tried and true for me...

@op, my new kitchen faucet is a Kohler Bellera. Works great. Good aim and size. Not too traditional not too contemporary. Just a touch of detail is what I was looking for.

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Rohl triflow faucet. No filtered water in fridge and not much room under the sink b/c of pull out trash. The left handle is filtered water and the right is the mixer.

Like the way it looks in our kitchen too of course.

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Hansgrohe Axor Citterio but it's not installed yet. In our other home I had the Koehler vinnata which I loved until the morning I woke up to find water on the floor. The plumber said the cartridge went on it. It was about 5 years old. I put the delta hands free in and loved it. My husband was very skeptical and never really liked it.

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Hansgrohe Tallis C. Still hoping that one of these days I'll either hit the lottery or find a screaming deal on a Jaclo pulldown. I needed a faucet quick because the guys doing the demo damaged my KWC Purejet,(10 years old, but still worked fine before demo) and on further consideration, a bit of height looked good. A bridge faucet might look even better, but I'd like to stick with the single hole.

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Delta Trinsic. The sprayer button sometimes takes two hands to push it on/off. It is not supposed to do that. We also have to use two hands to thread the sprayer back in/up. Not supposed to do that either.

It could be that our plumber didn't install something right. No one ever reads the directions! We will have him look at it next time he is out here.

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I have the Newport Brass Jacobean in polished chrome. I love how it looks, however it has taken a while to get used to. The spray function is so aerated that if we don't put the dishes, hands, pots, etc. down in the sink when we use it we get splashed. But the force of it is great, so it is a double edged sword. We took out the restrictor on it though - so not sure how it works with it in.

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Brizo Venuto:

Here is a link that might be useful: Brizo Venuto

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I have the Traditional Waterstone in pewter - love it!

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If I had no budget constraints, I'd use the smaller Waterstone Annapolis in a heartbeat, but alas, the price won't fly in my house. Instead I'm hoping to use the Elkay Explore single handled faucet - but need to test it out in person. I wonder if any GWers have this one? I really like the looks - a bit traditional and not too bulbous. My biggest concern is ensuring that I don't have to hold the button while using the spray function (wrong terms, I'm sure, but hopefully that makes sense.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Elkay Explore faucet

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The dark brown part is the pull-out. It has a strong magnet. I usually keep it on stright, not spray, but it never sticks. I'll try another picture, as it isn't small. The saleswoman called it the "swan".

I could have ordered the soap dispenser with same brown on bottom, but saleswoman thought it would be a bit much.

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We finished our kitchen two years ago using two KWC faucets. Love one (10.061.003), hate the other (10.501.012). It is really hard to adjust and the water comes out in a narrow stream causing a lot of splashing. We turned down the pressure to help but who wants to have to do that? We are considering replacing it.
Are there any "rules" about matching a faucet to a sink? Ideally I would think you want the water to hit the drain to avoid splashing. My drain is centered toward the back of the sink, which is a Julien 33" stainless.
Or do most people just choose what they like?

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We have the Newport Brass Chesterfield with lever handles in brushed stainless. Had it for two years and still love it.

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Hello to smalloldhouse - I have the Elkay Explore and I really like it. You don't need to hold down the button for the spray. When you push the spray button it stays on spray until you press the stream button or you turn the water off. When you turn the water off it defaults back to stream. Also, if you want to 'pause' the water flow without turning off the faucet you can hold down the stream button.

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I have the Kohler ProMaster Faucet. I purchased it in 2003. It has been installed in our last three homes and will be going to our new home. It is an expensive faucet; I think it retails for $1500 now. However, I have contacted Kohler twice in the past 11 years with some issues and they have taken care of the problem immediately. The faucet is very tall (27' with a 30' hose). I recommend a deep sink but I never have to worry about fitting a pot underneath it. I was in the restaurant business for many years and I found this faucet to be close to the spray features in professional kitchens. For me it has been worth it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler ProMaster Faucet

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I went with the Delta Addison with Touch2O technology.

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The ProMaster is an incredible faucet, durable as a hammer, except it loses an o-ring in the spray head every once in a while.

For those wo have never seen one, I have uploaded a pic.

There are Chicago and Wolverine pro-style faucets just as good, though and somewhat less costly.

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The touch less faucets....does this require a special installation technique?

How does this work compared to a manual faucet? Sounds wonderful.

Is there anything different under the cabinet?

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There are two sensor faucets that look so great to me.What they require is best looked up on the manufacturer's websites and I'd want to see IRL/test. The downside of these, of course, is inadvertent activation.

Here are links:

Moen Motionsense

Kohler Sensate (Consumer Reports video)

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The youtube videos were great. Thanks!

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We have the Moen Arbor MotionSense and love, love it. The picture below shows the configuration under the sink. It does take more effort, for sure, but with the install directions it was very easy. I actually have a plumber who likes to read through everything before installing and it went without a hitch. You have 2 options for the power source for the sensor: battery power or purchase the AC adaptor and plug into an electrical outlet under the sink. We bought the AC adaptor and went that route so I don't have to change batteries. You adjust the water temp for the sensor on with the dial that is at the bottom of the box, behind the hoses in my picture.

Love my NeverMT too--thanks to GW folks!

Rococogurl, re the inadvertent on, you are correct however, the Moen has the ability to turn off the front sensor, leaving the top wave-over sensor active. I found that was perfect for me. No wet sleeves. The only inadvertent on now is when I am cleaning the window above the sink. No knowledge of how the Kohler can be tweaked, but I'd assume it would be similar.

For those who compare these to the obnoxious faucets in public restrooms, the big difference is that these faucets stay on until you motion them off or at 2 minutes. Much better than the ones where you struggle to get enough water to wash your hands!

Hope this info helps!

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Sum - You are so smart and I am so jealous.

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I loved watching the video's of both of those hands free faucets! Thank you for sharing.

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This post was great since I was debating on getting the moen brantford with motion sense and wasn't sure. After reading this, I think we are getting it :). But one question does the faucet rotate? I know you can pull down the hand held device, but if the hand held device it in the up position, can the whole facuet rotate to move the spray?

Also thanks for mentioning NeverMT, I just looked that up and will be getting that too. We always spill soap while trying to refill the soap in our current dispenser. If the soap container under the sink spills will I get soap in my cabinets?


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NDSA, our Moen Arbor MotionSense has full rotation (180-ish, not 360) all the time. No problem with cleaning/spraying while the pullout is docked, or with it actually pulled out for use. Love this faucetâ¦

Re the NeverMT--in my picture above you can see a black velcro strap around the bottle of Dawn. This is part of the NeverMT set up and prevents the bottle from tipping. You simply fasten (a short screw provided) to the inside of the cabinet and strap the bottle in place. Will keep it from tipping and getting all over the place. Great invention. FYI, if you look closely at the picture you will make out that there are multiple tops on the hose to the bottle. That is because NeverMT provides multiple size caps to go with a variety of dish soap options. They wisely suggest you thread the extra caps on before setting up the current bottle so you do not misplace the extra caps. :)

Glad my info has been helpful. Feel free to shoot back any other questions.

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I got the Rohl Cinquanta extended faucet for the main sink. I like this because it's fairly low and I didn't want anything in my sight line. For the prep sink I got the Moen Bradford with a pull down sprayer. I like it a lot.

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We have the Moen Brantford and it's great, works perfectly. Yes, it rotates, and you can lock the spray or pause the flow. Ours is not motionsense, which I don't think was available at the time. That's OK because the handle is easy to operate with your wrist. Our secondary sink has the prep sink version of the Brantford and it also works fine, though it doesn't have all the features of the big one (no pause button, for example).

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Going with the Delta Trinsic preferably in Arctic Stainless. The only issue is that I would like a matching soap dispenser but the Delta models are all very traditional looking and nothing matches up with the style of the contemporary Trinsic. Can anyone recommend a contemporary soap dispenser in a stainless that would match Delta's Arctic Stainless? Otherwise, I just may go all chrome but I feel chrome would show water spots more.

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Has anyone used/installed a Grohe Blue Pure faucet/filtration system (not the one with carbonation?) There is very little information out there on the web, except for on the actual Grohe site. Thank you in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: Grohe Blue

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heard today that grohe will change from metal to fabric for pull-out kitchen faucet. anyone else heard this? will it be a big problem?

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We just put in the full size and smaller Vinnata in our kitchen. I've liked that faucet for awhile.

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elleninmaine - Had not heard that! I'm glad I got my faucets then because the metal hose was a big plus for me. We bought two Grohe faucets for our remodel. Both Ladylux3; pull out on our main sink, pull down on our prep. Prior to remodel we had the Ladylux Plus pull out and loved it.

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We are totally form over function. They do emit water, though.

We have two faucets on our sink, both Herbeau. We did not put a secondary sink in the kitchen and the idea of two faucets was that a second person could scoot in and use it if the first faucet is in use.

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Just an FYI for anyone interested in a touch faucet.

Grohe has just announced a Ladylux3 Cafe Touch. They sent out an email press release yesterday.

These faucets are pretty pricey. But there are some interesting features. The degree of touch can be adjusted. Also one model (the most expensive of the two at $999MSRP!) includes a warm/hot water touch feature in addition to cold. No idea how it works as they don't have a video up for it yet.

Grohe now has made 2 of their most popular faucets (Minta and now Ladylux Cafe) with touch so it's not hard to see where faucets are headed.

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Hi, Rococogurl! Haven't communicated with you for a while, but I hope you can help me with this.

The photo below is of my existing old faucet, which came with the house we bought in Westchester (Los Angeles) five years ago. We think the kitchen was remodeled in 1996, and so the faucet is probably from back then. Anyway, we are finally getting around to replacing our kitchen counter tops, which require us to buy a new sink, which I already did at The Kitchen Store in Culver City. The old sink is too big - you can see the back of the sink goes back almost to the window (which I covered with cardboard to reduce glare for the photo), and the counters have granite tile right now. We are replacing that with Cambria (Kensington) quartz, which we have also already ordered.

Do you think we can keep the old faucet, as it is working fine, and I am fine with how it looks. I figured it would probably be an easy matter to replace the faucet if we decide we need a new one, but I have not been able to make a decision on a new faucet. The Kohler faucet that I like looks pretty much like the one I already have, and I am unsure about Grohe or Hansgrohe, having read mixed reviews on those.

If we can keep the old one, it will give us more time to make a decision, but then we may have to pay the plumber twice for installation, unless we could do that ourselves.

What else do we need to replace when we replace the sink? I guess I will order a new soap dispenser, but do I need to order drain covers or anything like that? It's been a long time since I have installed a sink, and that was a bathroom sink that my father and I put in for my mother's bathroom.

The new sink will be under the stone, and so the faucet will mount on the stone, unlike its current mounting on the sink itself. This is the sink that I bought.

Thanks for any help!


Stone sample:

Contemporary Kitchen Countertops by Yonkers Tile, Stone & Countertops Adria Marble and Granite

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We currently have a Hansgrohe Talis C. No problems with it during the past 5 years. For our new house I went with a Moen Woodmere. It's still in the box sitting in the sink cabinet waiting to be installed. Can't wait! One reason why I went with a Moen is the single handle only goes forward. My current faucet's handle had to be installed at an angle because it was going to hit our window sill. DH still has issues after 5 years figuring out which way to turn for hot.

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~~Hi Lars,

I only saw the photo on the link of the new sink -- very nice. The counters look great, too. If the current faucet's in good condition, it certainly can be reused. No reason not to unless you want to get a more updated type -- pull downs are most popular here. I had a pull down when we reno'd our apartment and loved it. The hose was super long and the head toggled between stream and spray. So I could use it for filling pots on the counter or flower vases as well. But perhaps you current faucet does that already. If so, it's just having the smaller head.

Franke is a Chinese-made faucet according to Old-Time Carpenter (above). But there are a zillion other choices. If you feel comfortable purchasing a faucet where you purchased the sink no problem. But you also can shop online to get a better price on some brands. There's also ebay.

If you find a candidate you like as well as the Franke pull out let me know and I'll see what's up with it.

But while the plumber is there installing the sink, if you decide to go with a new faucet it's better to have it all done together. Folks use soap dispensers but I've never had one that didn't break. Don't know how the water is where you live but I put in a filtered water faucet and use that for most things. I feel safer that way (and would particularly in an earthquake zone IKYWIM)

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We got the Delta Cassidy - Touch 20 and I love it! Have had it for a couple of months now. It's so pretty and very functional.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Cassidy

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I got my KWC faucet at my distributor's annual "CLEARANCE TENT SALE"....they were clearing out discontinued manufacturers, model #s, displays...etc.

I had planned on getting yet another pull out or pull down spray faucet. But when I saw the KWC, I fell in love with it. It is VERY heavy and very well made! The sprayer is also HEAVY and made of metal. If I use HOT water, the sprayer can get really warm, but I don't mind this too much. It's worth it for the quality.

I got the faucet for $75!!!!!!!

Here it is pictured below. I am SO OVER faucets with pull out sprays. I've had them since 1985 when only european brands offered them.....remember the brand ARWA? I have to say, I love the KWC's clean, chrome lines. It's uninterrupted by a pull out spray head and SO much easier to clean. I don't think I'll EVER go back to a pull out spray. I do not mind the extra hole drilling.

Some of the other great deals I got at this Clearance Tent Sale? All were brand new and never used. No scratches/dents!

ASKO fully integrated DW (new in box) $425
54" Independent SS PRO range hood $400
1200CFM blower: $80
KWC sink (pictured) $75


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Thanks for the advice! I met with the stone installer Wednesday at lunch to give him a deposit, and then I met with the plumber yesterday. He lives two doors donw from me, and I caught him in his driveway when I was going home. He also said that we could keep our faucet, but he did say that we were going to have to replace the garbage disposal and air gap. We had already ordered a Hansgrohe soap dispenser (I've not had problems with the one I have now), and so we decided to go ahead and order a Hansgrohe faucet and have everything new. The plumber said that if we kept the old faucet, it might start leaking in a few months, and so I decided that it would be better to replace it now rather than later. I'll hang on to my old faucet and soap dispenser, since they are in good condition.

We'll have everything installed in May, and I'll post photos then.

Kompy, I do love your installation, but I also love pullout faucets. I've only had one for five years. I had the separate one before and did not like it at all, however. I did not want a pull down because I've seen ones that lose their grip and start to dangle. Anyway, nice to have so many choices!


Not sure if the link below works: we chose Talis S faucet from Hansgrohe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hansgrohe faucet

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Lars, so glad to hear you got it all sorted. Will look forward to seeing the "finished" pix!

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Getting the Wolverine Brass Finale single handle faucet with side spray, in brushed nickel.

I like the handle on top of the tap so that it can be used with either hand. Everything I read indicated that a separate spray is wiser than a pull-out or pull-down faucet, which I originally wanted.

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I'm wondering why a few would choose a separate spray. Seems like using it would require additional help to aim, or else it could only be used for one-handed jobs. What am I not seeing?

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Speaking of sprayers, a flat spray -- a whole new type -- is now offered on a sensor faucet.

Here's some info.I'm so taken by the sensor faucets.

Here is a link that might be useful: No Touch Sensor Faucets

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Delta Intrinsic and a Brizo drinking faucet.

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My dog washing faucet in the utility room.

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Hope it's okay to ask this here (sorry if I should have started a thread).

We have a Delta Touch20 (one of the first, don't recall a name). Have really enjoyed it. I assumed with our remodel we'd get another Delta or touch/motion something. As we started putting things together, I saw the world of faucet possibilities open up and now we're more confused than ever.

The Delta's pull out spray is plastic. I assume it's a necessity because of the touch function. I found today looking at many faucets, that many have a plastic pull out. And I don't know how to tell, if looking online or at brochures, what the pull out material is. Is there a way to tell?

Example: If you look at the KWC Luna and Suprimo, they look really similar. But the Suprimo is much heavier and costs about twice as much (and feels twice as good).

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The best and heaviest faucets have the most brass inside and integral metal vs an electroplated metal finish outside. Weight and price work accordingly -- as you saw from the KWC, which is an excellent brand most here really like and you can sometimes get good buys on their faucets.

Some of the specification sheets discuss materials. But, in general, if the pull out is lightweight it's safe to assume plastic mostly.

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we got the delta trinsic in arctic stainless and i love it! it is a pull down vs pull out. the pullouts have more plastic than the pull downs. i loved the grohe minta but didn't love the price or the very mixed reviews about leaking, parts scarcity, etc.
we got it at a plumbing supply store just to be sure it was well made vs taking a chance that the same faucet from hd is a lesser quality(that rumor seems to be pretty common so why take a chance?)

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Mgs Progetti are all stainless and priced accordingly. Metal pull outs/pull downs are insulated to prevent them from becoming too hot.

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Waterstone Hunley 12" kitchen faucet + contemporary side spray.

I didnt want to spend a small fortune. But, I did. And if we move, I am taking this set up with me! We had nice, but much less expensive pullout faucets for 7 years. Notice the plural? All 3 broke. We even repaired 2 of them, then they just fell apart. I did not want to repeat that experience because after 7 years I spent a small fortune on faucets anyway!

To me, nothing compared to the feel, heft, finish, and ease of use of the waterstone. (All brass. Made in USA. Blah blah). At first, I wanted the plp. It's a great faucet, both contemporary and traditional. But,for us, the pull down spray is kind of an attractive nuisance, enticing the kids and the DH. The pull down was also very tall in my space. And I actually like having the side spray. It's very easy to use when I need it, but not in my face when I don't. It's a bit more traditional set up, though the Hunley is "contemporary." I think the Hunley is very utilitarian. I like the reach, can fill the pasta pot resting the pot on the edge of my sink. The handle is mounted in front, which I needed. The faucet is easy to clean and unfussy. It's easy for the kids to use and for me to work with my elbow, writss etc when needed.

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I choose Moen Woodmere. I had a Moen for the last 15 years and never had an issue with it or any of the other Moen faucets in the house.

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We finally got our faucet installed this Tuesday, but we had to call a new plumber because ours was out of town, even though he had told me that he was going to be available on Monday. I didn't want to go another week without a working sink, and he was understanding about that.

I also have a new bathtub faucet, and I bought a new vanity faucet for my bathroom that DB and I are going to try to install ourselves, but we might call for help. I've installed a vanity faucet before, and DB thinks we can handle it. Since it's made in Germany, we may need to get an extra metric wrench, however.


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Looks great Lars! Well done. Now enjoy.

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Love looking at these faucets!

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Lars, or anyone else with the same Hansgrohe, can you say whether the pull out head is plastic or metal? I haven't seen one in person, but it looks very, very similar to the KWC we're considering. But DH is so tactile, it'd be hard to buy one sight unseen. (Though I just looked and Home Depot carries them, so it'd be easy enough to order one and return if he doesn't like it.)

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To nhbaskets.........our Moen Woodmere and new sink installed this week. So far LOVE both. Not sure if you have interest or need, but Moen is releasing a Woodmere soap dispenser in July. I have it on order. For now, hand soap bottle covering drilled hole. We had to return the cheapy soap dispenser we had purchased to use til July because it could not accommodate 3cm granite. Next angst decision.......backsplash.

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We got one of the delta's touch20 for an adjoining powder room. We have had nearly every part replaced and have yet to get it to function with touch less feature! Responsive support hotline but still not functioning. We may have to eat the cost of it since it was purchased prior to jan demo. Ugh! (We need touch less since we raw feed our dog). My DH refuses to chalk it off as a loss at this point, so he has his own little project to focus on. :-)

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Thanks everyone. This is one if those decisions in our remodel that has me completely stumped...overthinking, I am sure..

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@diane -- Why stumped? It can make your head spin for sure.

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I chose an Elkay gourmet pull down and an Elkay soap dispenser but for the life of me, haven't figured out how to get the top of the soap dispenser off to refill it. Does anyone know the trick to removing the top of Elkay model LK320? Thanks!

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we just bought the Danze Opulance in tumbled bronze- so pretty! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: faucet

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To refill Elkay model LK320 soap dispenser, twist off the entire top portion from the ring that rests directly on the counter. Pour the soap in from the top and replace.

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Thank you Socalsister. Elkay contacted me and also gave me instructions: put thumb under the spout and grasp the neck, then pull up and back. My dispenser top snaps off versus screwing off.

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