My 16 year old cat is gone

joycedcAugust 3, 2012

I had to put my beautiful 16 year old Scottish Fold, Maggie, to sleep on Wednesday. I had a home vet come to the house to perform the procedure. I wanted her 14 year old "brother" Owen to see what was happening and to absorb whatever he could. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but it was the right thing to do. She had very, very bad arthritis, and the pain meds just weren't working any more. Owen seems to have understood; he watched everything and laid down with Maggie once she had passed (I was holding her and patting him the entire time). He's not looking for her but does seem a little lost. I know how he feels.

She was a wonderful, smart, tough, loving little cat and I will love and miss her always.

I just wanted to share this with others who might be experiencing the same loss. I am hopefully attaching a picture of Maggie (the redhead) and Owen (the brown boy) enjoying some quality sink time in better days.

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Oh I'm so sorry to read you lost your beloved girl Maggie. She looks like a character in the picture!

Now how did that towel get in the sink? Lol the way we spoil our pets!

Poor Owen, he may be a little lost now without his older sis around. It's good she's not in pain anymore but I'm sure you're missing her.

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LOL. You know, I put that towel there because their hair was doing a number on my pipes. They, of course, thought it was for their comfort. :o)

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spedigrees z4VT

I'm so sorry for your loss. From the picture I can see that Maggie lived the good life during her 16 years with you. Maggie and Owen were beautiful cats.

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I am so, so sorry for your loss. I wish you, and Owen peace as your mourn Maggie's passing.

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She was beautiful. You did right by her, and I know it's very painful. This is what happens when we love our pets too much. I'm sorry for your loss.

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Awwww. My condolences to you and Owen. How sweet that he laid with her. It is so very difficult to go through.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I am so sorry. 16 years is a long time. Maggie looks to have had a marvelous personality. The picture made me smile. What a pair they seem to be! Cats are so funny-of course the towel was for their comfort! Isn't everything?

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Your Story Made me cry..I'm sooooo Sorry for your loss

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Sixteen is a good long life for a cat. Out of many, all given the same loving care, I have only had three that lived longer than sixteen, and most died quite a bit younger. It's not much comfort, but it is some, to think about what a long and happy life our pets have had. I also try to be grateful that I outlived my pet and so was able to ensure a happy life for him/her right up to the end.

Nevertheless, I can't help crying when I read a message about the passing of anyone's beloved pet.

Both cats in the picture look just beautiful!

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Thank you all for your sweet words and condolences. I decided Owen needed a brother, so 11 week old Fife joined us on 9/20. He is a great little kitten. Wicked fast, full of energy. First 2 days Owen hissed and growled, but late Saturday the ice was broken and they took a nap together. I think thy will become friends given time. My Maggie will always be in my heart. Here is a picture of baby Fife.

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Well, congratulations on getting this sweet little thing. I hope he brings you years of enjoyment and good fun.

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Oh my gosh, he is so darling.

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there is just nothing better to begin healing a broken heart than bringing in a new life to love. i would think that maggie approves. fife is downright adorable and i'm sure she has put many a smile on your face as you grieve. congrats on your new addition and i wish you many, many years of joy with her!

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OH what a sweet little face! Soooo happy you and Owen have a new family member to love. Your Maggie's legacy will surely be honored by bringing home this adorable little boy. :-)

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Fife is lovely! And Owen has a new friend to share the sink with!

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