New flea stuff?

SunnyDJAugust 18, 2011

I'm not sure just what the name is, Pet Armour or something like that, but I did see it advertised and was wondering if anyone has used it....It's supposed to be much cheaper that the name brands and "supposed" to do the same in getting rid of fleas....

Any one know anything about this?

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It's the same ingredients as Frontline Plus. The patent expired. I saw this in Sam's Club last week-end and it was around $30 for 3 viles. So I don't see any cost benefit. You can buy 12 viles of Frontline Plus from Entirely Pets for about 9.85 each when they have their 15% off moments. And shipping is always free. I apply every other month since it protects from fleas for as much as 90 days. So basically $5 a month. Even though the Armour ingredients are the same, I like the quality control I've seen with Frontline Plus and trust their reputation not Sam's Club/Walmart. Even if the cost were 50% less than Frontline Plus I doubt that I'd switch. It's such a small price to pay, I'll save money on things that don't involve my dogs health!

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Thanks for your help.....With all the advertising, I was wondering......

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