Should cabinets come right to the window molding?

Kristen HallockMarch 11, 2013

How close should cabinets come to the window molding? Should they come right to the molding? Or be an inch or 2 away?

Should every window in the kitchen have the same distance to the nearest cabinet?

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I would leave enough room that you can easily paint the wall between the molding and the cabinet.

It will look better if you can keep the distances the same but if you are buying standard size cabinets it may not be possible to make it exactly the same.

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I always begin a design by setting a 3" obstacle next to the window so I don't intrude further than that to the window molding. Sometimes I have to make that smaller, but I prefer to not crowd the molding. And if you have crown on the cabinets and a tall window, you will have issues with doing that unless you have a valance that spans the distance between the cabinets adjacent to the windows and run the crown on top of the valance.

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My cabs come right up to the molding. I needed every bit of storage I could get, and function trumped form. No problem painting between the molding and the cab, because there is less than 1/8" of wall between the molding and the cab. This is one of them, and the larger window over the sink is the same. It would have been more complicated if I'd had some kind of decorative molding at the bottom of the cabs.

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Ours go right to the molding. It looks fine IMO and maximizes cab space for us.

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