Changing window to counter height and widening

seosmpApril 10, 2013


As part of a kitchen remodel, I'm planning (hoping!) to be able to bring my window down to counter height, and also widen it (from 40" to somewhere b/w 52" and 60").

There is a shower right above the kitchen, where the drain I believe is coming through the floor just above the right side of the window, then coming down to the right of the window and then I'm assuming connecting with the kitchen sink drain at some point (since there is only one drain PVC visible from the basement below).

I will not be doing this myself, however I want to understand the process before I decide to do it. The contractor did generally say he can move electrical and plumbing to accommodate a lower/wider window. The window contractor just expects all this to be moved before he re-frames the opening. I found this post regarding the plumbing.

What I want to confirm is:

- it is ok to re-route the drain piping from where it is to the right of the wider window (so around 10" to the right), without moving the location of the drain PVC above the current window? So from the existing shower drain PVC, just run further to the right, then vertical along the window frame, then run back to connect to the current kitchen drain?

- similar question for the vent - although I do not actually see this at this point. I have soffits and I can see the drain PVC but not the venting PVC, but I assume it's there somewhere.

I just want peace of mind that there will be no issues doing this (I need to order the window soon and I want to make sure the new window will work!)


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Make sure you can mount the required counter receptacles.

You can try to argue it is no longer 'wall-counter space" with the AHJ, but may not get very far.

Receptacles must be every 48 inches on kitchen counters (no place more than24 inches from a receptacle parallel to the wall).

And no face up receptacles in a counter.

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Would love to see a photo of how your GC executed a window down to counter. Not thrilled with how my GC did this at his current project. Thx.

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Were you looking for how it was plumbed and the electrical done, or just the window itself with the walls closed up?? My window is not yet complete.

I was wrong above though. It was the venting pipe that I'd seen, not the drain. The drain from the shower actually runs through the ceiling.

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In addition to the elec., framing members have boring schedules.

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Seo - Just the window please but Brickeye's caution is a good one as our windows are 9 feet wide so email off to GC thx BE!

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If you could post a photo of your kitchen then i can tell you better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bio cleaning Phoenix

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