Food Grade Adhesive to Patch Plumbing Part

shw001April 27, 2010

I have an under-sink water filter that has sprung a tiny pin-hole leake in the side of the filter housing (not in any tubing or connections). Many different adhesives would probably work, but I do not know which are safe for drinking water.

The filter housing is plastic (feels and looks like PVC).

Anyone have any ideas?

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Try regular old PVC pipe cement.

It is used on both drains and supply lines.

At the very least you will need a decent size patch.
Patching from the inside would be better.

A new filter housing would be best of all.
They are usually available as a part.

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Thanks Brick,
I just checked and the housing is only $35 at the orange box.
Out of curiosity, would PVC cement actually melt/fuse the PVC material together? And would this withstand the standard residential water pressure. Are pin hole leaks in PVC common?

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Pin hole leaks in PVC are usually due to defects in the item.

PVC 'cement' is a mix of solvents that dissolve the surface of the two pieces so that they really become a single piece of PVC.

The problem is that it takes a decent amount of surface area solvent welded together to have enough strength to resist the water pressure.
That is why there is a bell in the normal joint to create enough overlap.

If you tried to but cement PVC lines together the joint would not be very strong, and would not resist supply pressure.
It might last a while on a drain fitting, until the line clogs and a lot of water rises above the joint.
27 inches of water is about 1 PSI of pressure at the bottom.

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