Crown build up to 9" ceiling

mirucaMarch 14, 2013

I've read many threads on cabinets to ceilings, but am still struggling with the best options for getting there on a 9' ceiling.

Specifically - what pieces to use and what size is best to build up the crown to a 9' ceiling. Is there an optimum ratio of cabinet to crown? 42" to 12"? or 46" to 8"? or 48" to 6"?

I also noticed that seosmp has a similar struggle and requested pics/examples of this specifically for a 9' ceiling. Although there were responses/pics/links referencing staggered cabinets, or 8' ceilings, or matching molding ... the specific cabinet/crown build up to the 9' ceiling didn't get answered.

I am equally in need of this answer .. soon...and I'm worried that I may make a choice that looks odd or out of proporiton.

If you have cabinets/crown to a 9' ceiling - the specific's(and pics) on this would be greatly appreciated - and why you may recommend one cabinet/crown ratio over the other.


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It depends what's in the rest of your house. I think it looks better if it matches what's already there. I used a flat band underneath the crown to build it up, but again the size will depend on the size of crown you use.

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My house is 7-8 yrs old so I can't tell you exactly what pieces were used here to achieve this look, but my cabinets are 42" and the ceilings are 9 ft.

The room crown "dies" into the cabinet crown.

Old and not so great picture.

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There was another thread a while back on this that you might want to check out. I'll link it below.

It has lots of different solutions and many pics (including mine). May give you an idea of what kind of look you like best. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: 9' ceilings, cabinets to ceiling - cabinet height?

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We just had our cabinets installed this week with 12" stacked crown molding. We have 9' ceilings. I was Soooo nervous to do it this way but I am loving the finished product. We are so happy we did it!! I can ask the kitchen installers exactly what they into archive this look if u like it. Let me know.

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Thank you for posting as I'm still struggling with this. It's one of my last major things to figure out. I'm actually going with stained cabinets which I'm finding more difficult to get example pictures of (meaning built-up crown molding).... versus white cabinets which I've seen more examples of.

My latest thought is to go with 45" cabinets (single raised panel) and 9" of crown. I just don't know whether 45" cabinets will look ok (note I don't want to go with the stacked cabinet look (e.g. 36" cabinet + 18" cabinet on top)).


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I have 9' ceilings in the kitchen. The upper cabinets are taller than 42" (not sure the exact height) and go all the way to the ceiling. I have 7.5" crown in the kitchen to match the 7.5" base baords, so the cabinet maker built the cabinet crown to exactly match the room crown.

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This is helping a lot - thanks so much to the 9' ceiling posts!! Your cabinets are beautiful. Tcwifey - that is a beautiful finish to the ceiling - I bet you are enjoying looking at it!

Seosmp - I am leaning towards 48" with a six inch built up crown. I have seen some people on GW have 54 inch doors with no crown (custom built). Maybe we should start a thread asking for pics of cabinets greater than 45". I would bet buildinginal's are close to 47" and tcwifey's are about 42" .

I would like to see more pictures of the taller cabinets to get a perpective.

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miruca and seosmp, don't hesitate at all to ask for exactly what you want now! I think there are quite a few people who've done 45" or more cabs with crown to ceiling and asking for a new thread on that is a wise thing to do to narrow down your specific look. Go for it and best wishes to you.

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I have 9'1" ceilings and did tall cabinets with crown. The cabinet has a top door and a bottom so they have a stacked look but are one cabinet. I have several cabinet heights (ones that come down to the counter and a shorter one above the sink). All the others, though, are 51". The top door portion is 14.5" and the bottom is 32". The rest of the height is in the rails.

I posted my pics in "almost done--NYC galley with walnut and calacatta".

Hope this helps.

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nycbluedevil - Thanks for the specifics - very nice pics!. The stacked look really truely looks like it is stacked versus one door. Our plan includes a couple of to the counter cabinets - trying to decide between 18" wide and 21" wide with a "garage" lift up door. What is the width of your to the counter cabinets?

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They are about 20". The cabinets in the middle are each 36".

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Here are our 9' ceilings with crown. Nothing massive - I've included the diagram with measurements. The uppers are 46 inches tall and about 5-6 inches of a filler trim piece and the crown. The light box under the cabinets is not included in the 46 inches.

A lot will have to do with the design and scale of your place. Clearly in some spaces a much grander, taller trim treatment at the top is warranted and looks great. In our smaller 10x14 kitchen, without any grand moldings elsewhere in the house (no crown anywhere else - 10" baseboards on the main floor tho) the simpler more standard crown looks good.

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TorontoTIm: This is exactly what I plan on doing in my kitchen with 9' ceilings. Thank you for posting this. For some reason, the KDs and GCs I've talked to so far are telling me not to bring the cabinets to the ceiling. Did you experience the same? I am trying to figure out if it requires special talent or just a whole lot of work they just don't want to do. If that is the case, I need to continue my hunt for a good KD. Also, can you share what cabinet line you went with? Finding a great white cabinet is my other dilemma.


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First off, question why you 'need' a kitchen designer. What is it they are actually going to 'design' for you?

You might be able to tell I don't subscribe to the notion of a designer of any sort. I like what I like and that's what I buy. Now, I suppose if I had horrible taste, I might get myself into hot water, but thankfully others seem to share my taste and I always, always have resale in mind.

I also don't use 'general contractors' which seems to be fancy language for 'costs extra'. Perhaps I'm lucky and have flexible enough work to enable me to source and supervise the trades I choose, but I do my own general contracting.

So, in my case I did all the demo work myself - took 20 yards of material out of my kitchen and into a bin. 100 years worth of layered drywall/plaster/lath, tile, subfloor the works. I have a guy I like who does framing and drywall, so he framed it in for me. Hired a plumber to put the stuff where it needed to be, an electrician to do the same. Then my framer/drywaller came back and buttoned it up.

Now, as for cabinets, I got quotes from a fancy kitchen place from some lady wearing a diamond ring too big for my sensibilities. Then I got quotes from Home Depot/Lowes etc. for Kraftmaid and the other lines of semi-custom cabinets (which are almost all the same company by the way).

Then I got lucky. A friend's neighbor had done their kitchen and had custom cabinets made. They were very enthusiastic about the company. I got in touch and went to see them.

Met with Chris in the front office of their humble showroom/workshop. He and I laid out the cabinets. We knew what we wanted and he made helpful suggestions. Got a quote and drawings which was less than any of the big box stores. This was for plywood cabinets, MDF doors painted BM Cloud White, glass sections, some glass shelves etc. etc.

Chris and Peter, along with their team make the cabinets themselves. Peter then installed the cabinets that he made, by himself.

So what I'm getting at is there is nobody between me and the person actually doing the work. Cuts the costs WAY down. If you're in the Toronto area, it's Merlo Woodworking. I've recommended them to friends and would use them again over and over.

Do what YOU love - you can't go wrong. Nobody knows what you need better than you. If you want your cabinets to the ceiling, nobody should be talking you out of it - they should be figuring out how to make it happen in your budget.

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BTW - this is my project in all its gory detail.

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen

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Hi Miruca,

If you are still seeking information, here are our specs for 9 foot ceilings:

48 inch tall upper cabinets (divided into a lower and an upper cabinet) plus on top of the cabinets to the ceiling, six inches of total of molding (crown plus flat molding).

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TFCwifey - I love the way your 12" stacked crown turned out! We are building a new home and I want to stack the crown to the ceiling. I was leery of stacking 12" of crown until I saw the way your kitchen turned out. Can you tell me what moldings were used to achieve this look?

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