A church saves a dog. A happy ending : )

lisa11310August 13, 2011

I wish pets could talk. We are out in what I call the "middle of no darn where" in National Forest land. There are no zoning laws out here, most folks have acres and acres of land and lots of animals ( I live next door to goats and chickens). There is a little church tucked away out here and that's where it begins. Pastor spotted a little dog limping badly in the road. He took it in the church, gave it food an water an a place to rest. There are no emergency vets anywhere near here and its Saturday. He began calling church members for help (obviously cant have a dog in the church tomorrow). I went and took the little guys pic and posted it at our trading post down the road. The trading post happened to have the newest issue of "Cats and Dogs" magazine, a free publication to bring awareness to local animal rescue organizations. I began calling all the numbers and sadly they are all full or not open on the weekend. I spotted an add for a home based Kennel that is just down the road a bit in Amish farm country, I have driven by there many times and it looks to be a very nice place,what the heck give it a whirl. AMEN! She was willing to take the dog. She also has worked for a rescue group and is a retired vet tech. Pastor took the dog to her and upon examination this poor guy has what looks to be a broken leg and a bad case of fleas. This is an old injury. What is sad is that this dog has not been on the loose long (Coyotes would have gotten him)he is not ragged like a long haired Terrier would be and he is not thin, meaning his owners did not care for his injuries. I have removed his picture from the trading post. At this moment he is getting a luxurious bubble bath and grooming. He has been given meds to keep him comfortable until he sees the vet on Monday. Our church will donate what we can for his surgery. He will live in the executive suite at the kennel until he finds a new caring forever home. I thought you could all use a happy story! God guided this furbaby to the right place! :)

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The next piece of good news is that a vet would be willing to treat the dog's injuries and base their fees on just covering expenses.

That's how I got my best ever cat of all time. My d-i-l's grandmother was at her church helping other homemakers to prepare a meal for a church function and a tiny tabby kitten came to the back door insistently and demanded in. They only had a dish of oatmeal handy and fed it to the waif. The story got passed along to me third-hand. I was wanting a kitten and said I'd be interested in adopting it. By the time I got the call the kitten was already in route to the animal shelter. I got in my car and drove there immediately and was present when it arrived. I was told I'd have to wait for it to go through intake. I was there again the day it went up for adoption. When I went back to the cages where they had multiple kittens in each cage, the tech kept trying to give me the fancy ones as the little silver short haired tabby kept being overlooked. I pointed out which one I wanted, and the tech was flabberghasted I'd choose 'that one'.

She ended up being an oriental mix and one of the most beautiful cats ever and she knew somehow I had waited patiently for her and repaid me with such love and loyalty for the next sixteen years. She was at my side constantly, and slept on my chest at night, and rode around on my shoulders in the day, and curled up to me when I sat. She even lay on my computer desk when I was online. My most wonderful cat ever....and she came from a church.

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AAAWWWWW that's a nice story!Thanks for sharing. Update on the church dog, his leg is going to have to be amputated because the injury is so old and can not be repaired, his foot has dead and dying tissue. THE GOOD NEWS he already has a new forever home. The lovely lady that runs the kennel didn't even leave him in the kennel, when I called to check on him I was told he was under her dinner table and snoozing! There really was something special working for this dog. The pound would have put him down for sure. He is one blessed dog and is going to have a happy rest of his life! Thank you Lord!

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great story!

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