Cat teeth cleaning in chicago?

shmooeyAugust 16, 2010

I have a relatively young cat (2 years )that seems to have some bad gingivitis already... im getting really worried as her gums seem to be painful for her. I dont know if she will need extractions or something more severe. I try to brush her teeth often but i see no change in her condition.

Ive called around a bit to vets on the north side of Chicago, and gotten quotes all around 400$, assuming there are no extractions... Can anyone recommend a vet to get their cats teeth cleaned that might be less expensive, or where they had stellar service?

thanks so much

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I have no idea but sure sympathize with you. The sooner a cat's dental problems are addressed the cheaper it is in the long run. I am posting a link. You might want to see what they discussed in another animal forum.

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I'm in the Twin Cities and have just received a quote from my usual vet: around $300. with no extractions and up to $600. if extractions or other problems are found. So I would think for the Chicago area that the $400. is average.

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I feel for you. I have a 1 year old who has gingivitis problems. He's part siamese and from what I've read they are prone to gingivitis problems. There is also another condition that causes inflamed gums and throat tissue in cats-stomatitis(?)- I think it is an immune system issue and is often treated with anti-inflamatory meds.

I am not in Chicago, so can't offer any advice there, but it unclear from your post if you have taken your cat to the vet for further assessment. She may need something other than a dental cleaning. My cat is young and has perfect teeth still, it's the gum tissue that needs attention.

We've used a pet product made by Biotene (you can look it up on Amazon if you want further information). It is an enzyme based product that is suppose to help relieve the bacterial situation that leads to chronic mouth problems. They make both a treatment gel and a maintenance gel. Our guy didn't mind the taste, but it didn't work as well we'd hoped (we did have some improvement though). A lot of people have had good luck with these products though.

If you haven't already, it would probably be a good idea to take your cat to a vet and have the condition assessed to find out what is really going on.

With our guy we've switched to a product we bought at the health food store, which works well as long as I'm vigilant. I'm hesitant to name it here because the name is very similar to another substance that is poisonous to animals.

Best of luck.

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I have not taken her for an initial assesment. I was sort of hoping i could take her in after scheduling an apt, and they could diagnose what needs to happen, then do it. I guess that was silly thinking on my part... Im trying to do this as cost effective as possible, being a young recent college grad :P But if she needs it done, then it is what it is.

Her teeth seem clean except for the back ones which are kinda gross. But the gums are inflamed all over... So, not having had a cat with teeth problems before, im not sure what to make of it. I have also been using the CET oral rinse gel for my cat- and PetzLife when i brush her teeth. I could be doing the CET much more often though. I will try and get back to doing that and see if it helps at all in the mean time.

I will update when i do figure out what im going to do. Thanks!

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Like people, cats can vary tremendously in issues with their teeth. I have two sibling cats who are 11 years old. One has had 4 teeth cleanings so far due to gingivitis and plaque, and multiple extractions (3 canines, 4 other teeth) due to cavities. The other, his sister, has had no problem at all with her teeth, and only at her check up last week my vet suggested it might be time to have her teeth cleaned: but it was just a suggestion and not urgent. In the Chicago area there must be a university vet program or other vet school facility. Check into it because they often offer low cost services.

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