Strange incidents with Shipoo puppy

sweetchastityAugust 8, 2010

One day I was home with the puppies when one, then both started screaming, yelping, it was like they were being attacked. It scared me and I yelled and ran out to see what was wrong. They both went under the sofa and I had to pick up the end and turn it over to get near them. They continued to yelp for probably a minute or so but it tapered down to less frantic and less loud yelps. I picked them both up and put them on the bed so I could get a good look at both of them because I was sure they were really hurt. I'd never heard a reaction like that from a puppy/dog before. It was like full-blown panic. I can normally keep my cool and react in a calm, assertive way but it startled me and my heart was racing and I was shaking a bit. I don't know what started it because I was in the den and they were in the hall but I could find nothing wrong with the puppies.

Then yesterday or the day before I was sitting in the living room with my mom and both puppies were on the floor playing quietly and Punkin (our male Shipoo) started yelping in the same way and Peanut then joined in. But since I was there and had experienced it before I was calm and assured my mom to be calm so the yelping quickly died down. I think I escalated the first episode which is why it took longer to calm them down.

Another time this week my dad was outside on the side lawn playing with the puppies when a neighbourhood dog 2-3 houses down started to bark and Punkin started that same frantic type of yelping/barking. I think my dad laughed at him and so it didn't escalate either but it went a bit longer since the other dog was still barking.

Does anyone have any experience or know of what might be the cause of this behaviour? Honestly I started wondering if it was a chemical imbalance in the brain since I know for sure that one event had no real trigger and I strongly feel the first didn't have a trigger like the dog barking one did. Punkin does display behaviour I'm associating with anxiety. While he does bark/whine to get his own way, he whines and gets anxious over other things. Like if he's lying on the sofa with my mom and she gets up to go into the kitchen he'll start whining almost immediately, even if I'm there. She can't go to the bathroom quick in the middle of the night because he'll start whining. He will whine if you get up and move around the room, even if you don't leave and he can still see you. I'd expect a puppy to look in the direction you went and wait a minute before whining a bit but he starts up right away and its intense, not soft. He won't sleep on the bed in the den, just 4 feet away from me with nothing between it and my desk, he whines to go down then sleeps around my feet/desk. It just seems he's insecure or needs to be near people. Dogs are social animals and want to be with their pack but usually with another puppy I would think this would be alleviated a bit, even if for a short while.

We are seeing the vet this week for his next set of shots so I'm going to ask her but I'd feel more sure about what to ask if I had a bit of an idea of what this behaviour is or might be or maybe its nothing.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Since you are not seeing any reason for the whining/screaming, maybe they are doing it to get your attention and it is working. I have a puppy too and at first she sometimes starts hollering, but I ignore her (knowing that she is safe) and she stops after a short time. If you come to them when they do that, they will continue to do it. They need to learn that it is ok to be by themselves too. I know it's difficult because you don't like them to be unhappy, but it is a lesson they need to learn. I would still ask the vet about it when you see her.

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You might be right, they might be doing it for attention but the first time I was in the den and they were in the hall just outside (we have a small hall). The second time it was in the living room right in front of my mom and I and the third was outside where dad lies down and plays with them so these panic-type incidents don't happen when they are separated from us. Plus all they have to do is look at my mom and she gives them attention (I'm a little better, lol). I'm firmer when it comes to training them to learn its ok for them to be alone. I got Peanut crate trained and I'm working on Punkin and when he's whining behind the baby gate I tell mom that its ok, this will pass and he has to learn he can't always be in the middle of what we are doing... unless he can grab a butter knife and start popping up staples.

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I find it difficult to believe a puppy in another room has the intelligence to start yelping because it has decided it wants your attention. I'd be more inclined to think it's physical pain from playing with the other puppy, or it could even be that he has oversensitive hearing.

Check out the link below and look for more info on the web........

Here is a link that might be useful: noise

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Could be something serious like a portsystemic shunt, which causes weird behavior especially after eating. Can progress into seizures.

Or they may just be dogs. Sometimes one of mine will spontaneously start howling and the others will join in, then the bird screams (unless he started it) and pretty soon I have 3 huskies howling, 1 rottie barking, 1 pomeranian yapping and a screaming amazon parrot (sung to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas of course).

I've definitely heard some non-injured ShiPoos scream for no reason. Usually right *before* I give them their shots.

Definitely get them checked out. Hope they are just being silly pups!

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Thank you guys! I will definitely ask the vet about it!

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Since you said it happened outside with your father when another dog barked I'm wondering if they are hearing that or another dog barking. I had one dog who didn't bark often, but when she'd hear the dog a few houses down bark she would bark. We couldn't hear it inside at all but with a dogs super hearing she could. I'd go outside and be able to hear it a few houses away, and I'm talking a small country town where a few houses away is four acres or so and she could hear it inside our very old thick walled house. Something to consider.

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Thanks for the suggestion Coconut-nj. Our vet wasn't worried and we have enrolled in puppy classes so I think she can confirm if he is nervous, anxious or fearful.

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