Help on making pretty vegetables

cookie8December 31, 2013

I am making carrots and green beans and would like to get that glazed, pretty look. I prepped my carrots with the little stem on the top. I don't really want the roasted look but more the shiny, somewhat elegant look. Thanks.

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A little melted butter with a small dollop of honey does it for me :-)

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Thanks. How long do you cook for? And what temperature.

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I steam them in the microwave. Roasted you get "the roasted look".

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I steam them (stove top)until just barely tender, but the time depends on how thick they are. I'd check whole carrots after about 3 min and every min or two, but will probably take 5 min or so? Beans I would check after 3 min and they might take 4 or 5 min for winter supermarket beans (less time for fresh garden beans in the summer). Slightly undercook both-plunge into ice water to stop cooking then warm them with the butter just before serving, for a min or so.

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A nice way to do carrots is slowly in butter, orange juice and parsley. They come out deliciously sweet and shiny. You have to keep a close eye on them.

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