Whirlpool whole house water filter at Lowes

fullmoonvApril 26, 2008

Lowes is carrying a whole house water filter that never needs replacement filters. It is made by whirlpool and only Lowes carries it. Calling whirlpool they say they use a new coconut shell based carbon and the system flushes itself out, refreshing the carbon every 2 weeks. UL tests say it has a 18-20 years life expectancy. It only costs $380. My first thought is this is a scam, but its made by Whirlpool. Without having to buy replacement filters this thing will pay for itself in a couple years. Is anyone familiar with this thing? Is it too good to be true?

Planning on filtering for chlorine and other chemicals for dry skin, and for better tasting water.

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Follow up:
We are on city water in a new house. I believe we have pretty good water. Here is our water quality report:
Just looking to make the water cleaner for the shower for dry skin and better tasting water. I don't think we need a softener...

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"My first thought is this is a scam, but it's made by Whirlpool".

Would that be the Whirlpool that sells the Flame Lock water heaters that are driving homeowners and plumbers crazy and fixin' to make a lot of money for some class action lawyers?

Would that be the Whirlpool that sells the Sears/GE/Morton/Whirlpool water softeners that are the most often posted about (regarding problems) water treatment products on the internet self-help forums?

The filter you reference doesn't have replacement filter elements because it is a backwashing carbon filter. As with any backwashing carbon filter there is no element to exchange. The carbon will deplete over time and that will need to be topped up or replaced and it is more costly to do so than any replaceable filter element.

UL's guess at a 20 year media life is pretty optimistic and a claim that far reaching ought to be backed up with some hard field data.

There is little unique about the Whirlpool (Ecodyne) whole house filter EXCEPT... you have to but any parts you need from Whirlpool, and only Whirlpool, at whatever price they dictate and service will only be available through Whirlpool.

If you've decided that you need a whole house filter and are willing to eliminate the bacterial protection for all the internal plumbing and fixtures in your home then look into an industry standard backwashing carbon filter that is properly sized for your plumbing requirements. Parts and service will be available from a multitude of sources and you can buy one on the net and DIY if you like.

BTW, have you had your water tested to see if there is any other treatment that might be required?

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That report is lacking. No mention of hardness, iron, manganese at all? Looks more like sales literature than a detailed report.

Another thing, those reports are/may be representative of the water conditions at the treatment plant and not necessarily the water conditions at your water meter or kitchen sink.

Contact the water authority and ask them for a copy of the report they are required by law to provide to the EPA and review that.

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Whirlpool whole house water filter at Lowes this is interesting topic thanks for this kind of info,

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Like you are interested in water filters, nice way to attempt to bring in your air filter sales site.

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I would be less concerned with having a filter if I had well water & more concerned with having one on city water. City water gives you all kinds of things to worry about like chlorine & chloramine (chlorine w/ammonia) both of which cause serious damage to the collagen of your hair & skin, eventually causing permanent damage to those cells ability to regenerate (perform mitosis). This aggravates/exacerbates eczema, psoriasis, hair loss & the list goes on. You might be getting hydrofluorosilicic acid (Fluoride) added to the water by the city which is actually a waste by-product of phosphate fertilizer production & happens to be contaminated with lead, arsenic, chromium, mercury & radioactive nucleotides (documented). To make matters worse the chlorine combines with organic matter in the water to form disinfectant byproducts or DBPs such as trihalomethanes, which are documented hundreds of times more toxic than the disinfectants themselves, linked to cancer birth defects & reproductive harm. Not only that but you absorb 10 times more of all these contaminants in a 15 min shower than you would by drinking it ALL DAY. This is partly due to the fact that many of these chemicals vaporize when heated so you breath them into your lungs, directly into the blood stream across the mucous membrane. That's not even getting into what all that is doing to imbalance the fertility of your soil, killing all beneficial soil organisms & such. So yes, I would definitely be concerned with getting a filtration system for the immediate & foreseeable future. For the long term I would start looking into demanding that our municipalities start updating these outdated systems & implementing technologies to legitimately resolve these serious problems so that it's not left up to informed citizens to pay additional exorbitant out of pocket expenses for clean water, in essence paying to UN-DO what our elected officials used our tax dollars to pay for.

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