D'ya think that if we planted some of the financial common-taters

joyfulguyApril 13, 2009

in the corner of the garden ...

... that they might produce some more like themselves, come fall?

Would that help any with the feeding of the unemployed, d'ya think?

ole joyfoul

P.S. The guv'mint gives Ten Bucks to the Big Banks (BB) and financial agencies ...

... and their Big Shots (BS) get to keep their bonuses: contractual, you know.

They give a simple peanut to GM - and they gotta fire their boss!

Some cat shave longer tails than others!

Misprint, it appears - but if anybody's gettin' "shaved" ... it's taxpayers!

o j

P.P.S. The time when "Engine" Charlie Wilson, G. M. of GM, who had been appointed Secretary of Commerce and, when something good happened for GM, made the comment that, "What was good for GM ... was good for the United States", ...

... which statement was fairly frequently quoted, for a number of years ...

... was a long time ago!

How have the mighty fallen!! ... Well ... some of The Mighty!

While many who deserved to - haven't!

o j

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Ed, I love your comments. You go and hit the nail on the head (and hit us on the head, too!)

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My head gets a bit sore at times, too.

When I look Christ in the eye ... some of the stuff that we do ... and don't do ... takes on a different perspective.

o j

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Your last statement said more than most people could say rambling for hours. Thanks for your levity.

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