Cats and boxes

lilosophieAugust 16, 2012

Want to share this lucky shot:

Maximus to Jasmyn:

"I haz box and you don't haz"

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OMG that face is too funny for word!


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How funny! Maximus better be careful, though. Jasmyn looks like she is a bit perturbed at him. Retaliation may occur.

Beautiful kitties!

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Your furbabies are gorgeous.....What an expression on that face, priceless!
What is it about boxes and cats.....I do most of my shopping at Aldi's and even though I take my bags I have to always bring home a box or 2, just for the cats.....Right now, there is one sitting by the frig with their toys and another just sitting by the other wall, just for them to play in....Just like kids, they'd rather have the box than the toys......

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Muh haha, Max, you better watch your back! Jazmyn appears to be plotting her comeback, and it will be in the box! Those are some pretty cats btw.

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I'm not looking therefore, there is no box.

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Looks like Maximus is doing the old evil laugh back there. Jasmyn is playing it cool....she knows he will have to leave the box sometime. Until then, she's allowing him to have it.

Silly Maximus!

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Great photo ... silly cats. I always love the "indifferent" attitude they can project.

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