Update on the dog the Church saved.

lisa11310August 19, 2011

There was another flyer in my mailbox today. This was a letter explaining that this dog had only been in their possession for 3 hours and that it ran off while they were putting it on a lead to let it out in the yard. These people have put out several hundred flyers and I thought she deserved a call. Seems they have another Australian Terrier that this dog was going to be a companion for. They also have 3 cats and 4 horses. Here's where it gets scarey. The people they got this dog from ARE BACK YARD BREEDERS! Somehow this couple knows these "breeders" and had mentioned that they were looking for a companion dog once they settled into their new house (just down the road from me from what I gather). the Husband had been to see this dog several times in the last 2 months. The (breeders) said he could have it because it had been hit by a car and they could not afford to have the leg fixed. The couple had intended on getting the leg fixed and had been saving money for vet bills once they had the dog. I will be contacting the woman (retired vet tech) who has the dog now and asking her for a full report on the dogs condition when she got it. The lady would not divulge her last name or address but said she would send her Husband over to talk to the "breeders" and assess whether he thinks they should be reported....YA THINK!!!!!! She still does not know who I am or where the dog is. She was thankful the dog has been taken care of and has a good home but said the "breeders" had another male Terrier that they may go adopt(rescue). God not only put this little dog in the right place to be saved but this little dog may lead to others being saved! AMEN! I will let you know how it all ends up...I think I will invite this couple to church!

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What a story.

Glad the dog is safe.

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Thanks for keeping us updated. It seems that everything DOES happen for a reason.

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Whew.......couldn't get this one out of my mind. The plot did indeed twist and turn. It didn't hit me right that someone who would have been abusive to this dog put out so much effort getting it back again. Turns out the vet tech was right in that the dog was neglected, but wrong to attibute it to the people who were looking for it.

The bottom line is that the dog found a good placement whether he stays where he is now or gets returned to the first rescuer. I may have handled it a bit differently by just laying out the cards and let them all where they may, it isn't my call to make and perhaps another dog may be rescued out of those circumstances. I am happy you have had a burden lifted off your shoulders. I hate to see Good Samaritans end up between a rock and a hard place for their efforts.

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Wow, Lisa, what a good person you are.

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Well this is officially a Mess!

And of course the original owners have another dog for them...there's always another dog when they raise them as livestock not pets.

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LOL jomuir, yes it WAS a mess. All I did was make a few phone calls to find someone that could take the dog for Pastor and I ended up smack dab in the middle of all this. I really was trying to be fair and do the right thing but still protect the dog. I could have just ignored the first flyer but as Colliope said why would someone put so much effort into finding a dog they neglected. That's why I left the message that the dog was safe. I am very happy with the outcome. The vet tech and her family love the 3 legged dog and he will always have the best of care. Hopefully another dog has been rescued and the "breeder" will be investigated. What a way to welcome new folks into the community! I will be calling her to invite her to our service in the park next week.

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