Filter leak

joe_mnApril 23, 2014

I have a whole house carbon filter on cold water line to kitchen. It is mounted in utility room. The outlet fitting threads leak unless I put filter in bypass. But outlet fitting sees full pressure in bypass. Why does it leak in "filter" mode? We are on city water. But we have 25 grains of hardness. Water tastes ok. I use filter cuz I think it works. I know it does little to nothing for hardness. It is 10 yrs old. Has leaked for 3-4 yrs. so it has been in bypass since. Should I just remove it? Easy enough. Or try and put new Teflon tape on threaded fittings?

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Joe, this is where a picture is worth a thousand words.
Can you take a photo of where it's leaking?

The carbon filter can clean up a lot of things that make the water taste bad, hopefully the carbon filter isn't 10 years old now.

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It's an omni brand filter housing. Plastic body. They sell them at all home stores. You can get cheap $5 carbon elements or pricier, finer filter taste cartridges for $25 or so. I used it for 5 yrs or so and it was dry. No drips. Last time I put in a new cartridge, it leaked at threaded fitting where Teflon tape is applied. I think it also dripped at large o-ring for body seal. Yes, I used to change elements several times yr. I got new one and new leak and remembered why I had it in bypass. I need to cut 1/2" copper line to unthread fitting. Not a big deal. But annoying. Maybe housing is tweaked? They are cheap. Maybe $40 or so.

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there it is

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I'm not sure you do need to cut the copper to replace it. Those look like flare fittings to me.

I think you can just undo the nut on the copper, salvage the flair nipple that's in the filter body and put a new one in.

Use teflon tape where the flair nipple screws into the new filter body and call it good.

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Yes. I had brain freeze. Thought fittings were solder/threaded. Perhaps I can take it apart and put new Teflon tape on? And replace large 4" body o-ring too.

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Give it a shot, won't be out anything more than teflon tape and o ring.

Remember, you don't use the teflon on the threads of the flair part of the fitting, only where it screws into the body of the filter body.

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