Sink strainer assembly for Kohler Whitehaven SInk

psbjmbApril 24, 2014

Aargh, I'm about to pull my hair out! So before doing that, I hope some wonderful knowledgeable person can help me.

I am redoing my kitchen and have ordered a 36" Kohler Whitehaven single bowl farmhouse sink and realized I need the strainer assembly thingie. (I do not have a disposal).

I looked at the Home Depot website to see what I'd need. I see several possible options with prices from $29-$110. When I look at the product overviews and specifications, there is barely a difference in them. But there are obvious errors in the specifications (for example, the $45 model shows an assembled height of 0.875 in. but has a 4" tailpiece)

My question here is - what am I actually looking for in one of these? There's a big swing in cost, but if a more costly one has some great feature (that apparently I can't discern from web descriptions), I'm willing to pay it since it's only a drop in the bucket (stupid plumbing pun, sorry) of the total reno cost. Any advice, guidance, etc. is greatly appreciated! And please be kind if I have overlooked some glaringly obvious difference :-)

FYI here are links to the ones I've been looking at:


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I installed the Whitehaven 36 in our new kitchen last fall and love it. We bought the Kohler strainer. It is an excellent piece made out of real metal. Don't economize here. Get the real part. Ij love the sink. I would strongly suggest that you get the metal grids that go down in the bottom of your sink

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Jackfre - thank you so much for the response. I was thinking my question got lost in the internet :-)

I did get the grid for the bottom, and will get the Kohler strainer. As I look at my 36" sink base I keep thinking "this sink is going to be *huge*.


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You are correct! It is huge! I have it on a 16' wall below an 8' window. I stand at the sink and think I could do with less than a second "bathtub"! That said, it has been great for parties, washing the sweet Grandkids, and it is so nice to be able to get the big frypans into the sink to wash then, and I have to say that the deal in my house is that she is kind enough to cook for me and I'm happy to do the pots and pans. It is a great sink. You will be very pleased with it! One other sink, oops thing! Since we have had the place together we have had some pretty significant parties and the 36" Whitehaven has supported everyone's efforts at the sink;)

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