Econominder 5600

mariochApril 1, 2011

I recently installed a new brine stem valve. When I reconnect the piston assembly to the control the brine tank fills. The control is 'inservice'.

I can't figure why the brine tank is filling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The unit is about 10 years old.

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Either the water in the salt tank is low and it is refilling to proper level, the float is not shutting off, the brine piston is stuck open, there is a problem with the valve internals (piston/seals) or the unit is out of sync. Is the white cam on back of valve pushing down on the brine piston?

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With a 5600 the float in the brine tank DOES NOT CONTROL the water level. The 5600 controls the amount of water sent to the brine tank (salt dose 1 gallon = 3 lbs of salt) and the float is only a safety overflow mechanism.

With the 5600 in the in service position the cam should NOT be pressing on the brine valve. If it is then something is wrong.

If the cam is not pressing on the brine valve then you installed the brine valve wrong, it is stuck open, or you have a problem in the piston and/or seals.

Could be that you misdiagnosed the original problem...

Why did you replace the brine valve in the first place?

What problem were you having?

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