Width of cavity for drain and trap

janwadApril 26, 2010

I'm planning a bath vanity. I want to put 2 cabinets in with a gap between them, a counter over, and a vessel sink above the gap. The faucet will be wall mounted.

What is the minimum width needed in the gap between the cabinets for the drain and valves?

I'm hoping for 12 inches, but I'm guessing that's not enough.

(I appreciate your input. I will ask my plumber too, but I'd rather not look totally stupid right off the bat!)

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You'd probably want at least 30" between the base cabinets so that repairs to the trap and and shutoff valves can be made in the future.

12" is entirely too small an area in which to work.

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Since your faucet will be wall-mounted, I think if you put the shut-off valves one above the other, vice side-by-side, 12" would be tight but doable for future repairs, especially if extra care is taken to ensure the valves and drain plumbing are centered in the space.

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