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sammy62March 4, 2014

my kitchen cabinets are done, the island is in and today they are making a template for my counters and island. This picture is what my perimeter counters will have and my island has antico bianco granite.
I have to post multiple pics as I cannot put all in one post, for now. I was considering a light grey blue for my walls but also considering a beigy taupe. I have 2 questions:
1) Would the blue grey fit in with the browns and 2) would the beigy taupe look too boring with my already brown counters?
I have not picked out a backsplash yet and am open to any suggestions. I know I do not want a busy backsplash and most likely some type of glass tile backsplash but not definite yet. I know these questions might seem to general? As you can see in the next few pics, my appliances are stainless.
Any suggestions, advice welcome!

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my kitchen. Picture sideways sorry! Not sure how switch it!

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double wall ovens with back counter (this is in front of the island).

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Look at Revere Pewter BM. I think it would look great in your space.

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Just wanted to comment on your beautiful floors.

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