Unique Hydrogen Sulfide Water Problem

remlikApril 4, 2011

I have a very deep well (600') in a waterfront area on the Chesapeake Bay of Virgina. It is a high yielding well delivering over 30GPM so no storage tank is necessary. I do have a pressure tank. I am reasonably certain I have hydrogen sulfide in my water however but it only manifests its presence in two very specific situations, both of which are very irritating!

All of the water from all of my taps for the entire house smells fine and taste fine including water from the hot water tank. I have zero issues with utilizing the water for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc. However, water from my hand held pressure sprayer in my kitchen sink and water from my ice maker in my refriegerator produce the tell tale rotten egg smell. The sprayer, when you first start spraying will knock you down and then clear up very quickly with no further smell until it goes unused for a while and you use it again. The ice does not smell bad on surface but when mixed with a liquid will taste foul. I cannot use ice from my icemaker which is the most irritating of the two problems.

The only thing these two problems seem to have in common is the water is nominally under some pressure or maybe in some form of oxygen depleted environment. The water coming from the well is passed through a pressure tank first so I am not that pressure is any issue versus low/no oxygen.

I was hoping there might be some solutions here short of whole house solutions. Maybe some local filitering, etc. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Try sanitizing those specific systems. It sounds like you have SRBs (sulfate reducing bacteria). They thrive in low-oxygen environments. For point-of-use treatment, a catalytic carbon filter should do the job.

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