Leach Field Layout

dwpcApril 20, 2013

This is our first home with a septic system. The system is about 18 years old and we've had no issues with it whatsoever. We want to avoid planting or paving over the leach field. I know where the tank and main drain from the house are, but the only indicator for the leach field is a single capped 4" PVC pipe that sticks up a few inches out of the ground about 50 feet from the tank. Is there a way to determine the boundary of the leach field without digging the yard up? Would the city or county have the details on file?

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City or county should have the details on file.

My house was built mid 80's and the details were on file.

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It should be easy to see in the dry summertime. You'll have green "stripes" of vegetation with increased growth where the drain lines are in the field.

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In my neck of the woods in N Az, there isn't much vegetation to use as a guide. Most "lawns" are pink gravel.

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