Insane cat

lily316August 5, 2009

As I have said I still have a flea problem altho all five cats were Frontlined a month ago as well as the dog, and he's on Sentinel as well. I called the place where I got the product and told them I applied it July 7 and still have fleas on all animals. She told me they stand by their product and if with this dose I see no improvement, they will send more. Dog was a piece of cake and three of the cats were. One is hiding but she will be easy, but Henry went ballistic again, much worse than the last time.. This is insane. I have had 15 cats over the years and have treated most of them with Frontline with no problem. They don't line up for it but most are okay, some struggle a little but Henry is a mad man. I hope it reached it's target. I had him on the island and he was lovey. I was combing him and he loves that. Husband quietly appeared with the allready opened package, and it took two of us struggling like mad to control a 21 pound cat. There was hair everywhere , and he was screaming.. A passerby would have thought we were torturing him. Other than knocking him over the head w/ a hammer(just kidding) , what can I do? I have never seen a wilder animal in my life. I rescued him at 4 weeks from his semi feral mother but he's a big love most of the time. A in your face and on your lap cat.

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As I finished typing this, Henry sauntered up meowed and flipped and exposed his belly for petting..Maybe he needs a therapist.

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Change your intent and feelings about dosing your animals. Many animals pickup our energy and react to that. Next time it is time for dosing, wait til your cat comes to you, have the dose ready by where you are sitting, and after a nice massage for a few minutes, dose your cat. No biggie.
This year has been a banner year for fleas. You might try and use food grade (not the pool kind) diatomaceous Earth or nematodes to treat your yard. YOu may have neighbors or wild animals contributing to the flea population. YOu need to know as soon those fleas try and bite your animals they are dead and can not reproduce - since you have an infestation it may take a bit to kill off all the adults, be patient other than what you are doing, find out where the population is being renewed

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You are absolutely correct about animals picking up your feelings and intent. My little Phoebe, the cat who was hiding somewhere came out and ate and was sitting on a chair. I picked her up and "did" her and she meowed but wasn't manic. She jumped down and ran into the room where Henry was. He took one look at her, then at me ,and ran into the basement. Today I picked Henry first because he's the nutty one and made sure he was happy and purring which he was. Someone before said get him while he sleeps. Well that would work but he sleep flat on his back with his four legs in the air. I was thinking of putting him in a pillowcase next time but that wouldn't work. Maybe putting a thick towel around him like a strait jacket.

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Our Clancy is goofy when we go to give him the Advantage...The 2 girls could care less but Clancy, squirms, squints his eyes, makes those noises and runs like crazy....AND when we try to trim his claws, that normally takes 4 or 5 people just to hold him down...He has never been hurt or abused but he sure acts like it....

So you're not alone having an insane cat.....

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Of course I'm sure you know that just the flea product will not solve the problem. You have to constantly vacuum and wash bedding until you no longer see fleas on the cats. The Frontline Plus is great stuff, but it doesn't kill fleas 'instantly' and if they're in your house, you'll continue to have a problem until the house is completely cleaned of them. The cats are protected, but the house isn't. Good Luck.

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I realize the house may be the problem because it is very old with the original floors from 1840..cracks and all. It seems to be working better now. The dog had no fleas yesterday and only a few on the cats, but the humidity now is practically 100%, so more will pop undoubtably. I DO vacuum regularly, the floors and upholstery, but I don't want to use chemicals.

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ok, two things here. i am a retired show dog and cat groomer as well as an animal/person psychic. i don't like frontline. i like advantage. as someone said, your house! if the house has fleas the animal gets reinfested. just like people getting lice, if eggs and other lice are all over they get reinfested and i am no a fan of frontline. on my website you can read a tiny bit about animals and their sensitivity towards their owners. they are very psychic too.

Here is a link that might be useful: readings with leah

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