FreeCycle lady wants an apt. kitten

carmen_grower_2007August 27, 2010

Well, we have four and they are scheduled for their 'alterations' in a month. We love them all but I do realize that indoor cats live much longer than outdoor cats. So, I suggested that the lady takes two - they are great with people/dogs/LARGE DOGS/ and other cats and could adjust to indoor life only if one has a sibling in the deal.

Going back and forth she told me right out that if she takes two, one will go to a shelter. Deal breaker. These kitties love each other and I sure am not going to send one to an apartment in the city all by itself. So --- never mind.

We would both miss any one of them if they are gone and I wonder why I even considered the possibility of parting with two of them.

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I know how you feel, I had a litter of seven kittens I rescued, and I had such a hard time finding good homes! I ended up keeping four of them, and they are very happy to have each other, they're 2 years old now.

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Most Free Cycle sites no longer permit free pets. There are good reasons for that. Have you contacted a local rescue group for help? They could screen folks and make sure your kittens go to good homes.

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No, I haven't because we really want to keep these four -- they are so cute together and are getting along fine with our dogs and other adult cats.

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I'm curious to why you contacted the freecycle lady if you wanted to keep all four of them?I don't have cats but it doesn't seem like a bad idea for a cat to be a inside cat only even if its the only cat in the household.

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Because I realize that cats have a longer lifespan if they are indoor cats, so if she was willing to take two, I was willing to give up two of them.

And no, they will not be indoor cats here on the farm. We now have a total of 7 cats and I wouldn't even consider having more than two indoors. Because it is impossible to have any indoors if not all, they are all outside. That said, we have a guest house that they are allowed in when the weather is too cold for them to live outside.

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If that person would consider taking any cat to the shelter, it's much better that you didn't let her adopt even one kitten, in my opinion.

I've had good experiences with volunteer rescue groups who will foster the cats until they find good homes.

Best of luck!

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