Dogs and frogs

debbiep_gwAugust 15, 2010

Annabelle the black lab puppy that we kept which is 4 months old now is not doing so well on learning commands(just a refresher I'm in a rural area and there is no obedience classes)she knows her name well and she is learning sit but only will sit if I have a treat for her.She really needs the leave it or drop it command learned.She will not leave frogs alone,does not respond to her name when a frog is around.She has been squirted by them and been foaming at the mouth twice.I hurried her to the tub and washed her mouth out and she was fine.How do I break this habit?I'm thinking of having a squirt bottle filled with something and giving her a squirt of it preferably in the mouth when she is messing with them.I'd like her to associate the squirt in the mouth with the frog and leave them alone.Something not good tasting.Will listerine hurt her?I'm thinking of that as my bassets hate the smell of listerine as I've used that on a rag to freshen them up when they roll outside.By the way I got that tip here from someone several years ago.Any tips for this probelm?

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I think your dog is getting ahold of toads and not frogs. Toads secrete substances to make them distasteful. My dog just discovered toads last week. My husband brought him in from a walk outside and deposited him at my feet with the command "you need to look at him". LOL.

He was foaming at the mouth and shaking his head. I washed his mouth out and he was better directly. But, I live in an area where there is no danger of him getting a potentially lethal toad. They are out there in certain localities. I think he'll leave them alone from here on.

OTOH, my dear old male tabby always forgot over the winter what happens when you bite a toad. As soon as it warmed up each spring, he'd eat one, barf and drool and be sick for awhile and he'd be cool the rest of the year. But, we did the dance once each spring.

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I think calliope is right;
the taste of the critter itself is bad enough that the puppy will learn.

I'm afraid if you squirt something objectionable into her mouth, it would teach her to avoid you when she has the problem *rather than to avoid the problem itself*.

Puppies are fun, but thank goodness they grow up before they destroy the universe & run their mommas nuts!

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Thanks,I'll research and see if the lethal ones are in Ga.I don't think she is going to learn her lesson from the taste.She has been squirted/sprayed several times with recently being the worst.I see her outside messing with something then she starts shaking her head and I go to get her and see the toad.
Your are right Sylvia,somedays I wonder what I was thinking by keeping a puppy!

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