Help-My dog has been vomiting!

jannieAugust 8, 2010

My dog is a seven year old Wheaten terrier, had her groomed last week. I think she picked up a bug at the groomer. Last night she started licking the rug. I took her outside and she vomited. She was okay all night, slept fine and seemed normal in the morning. So I fed her half a can of food. She vomited three times since. She's acting perfectly normal, meaning she's following me around and spends most of her time resting. But I'm worried abpout the vomiting. My Mother says I should bring her to the Emergency Animal Hospital. My inclination is to skip feeding her tonight and hope she's okay tomorriw. What would you do? I'm thinking of phoning ther groomer to warn them about my dog beeing sick after a visit. Again, what should I do?

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I would give her some boiled chop meat and rice tonight and if she's not better by morning call your vet ASAP !!!!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Is she only vomiting and no diarrhea? My dog once vomited numerous times because he had eaten some palm plant leaves and he got quite sick from it. Any chance she ate something like that? I agree with bland food tonight and see how she is in the morning. Is she drinking water OK?

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Vomiting dogs and dogs with the poops ........even if they aren't 'sick' are at risk for dehydration. I'd certainly hold her food for the rest of the day, but if it were my dog, would not restrict clear fluids.

It's your call, but if she is acting normally and doesn't have a fever (please say you have a thermometer dedicated to your dog and use it) I'd also be tempted to watch her through the night to see if she starts acting sick or uncomfortable and also to see if holding her food doesn't give her some relief. I would not say that if she isn't totally back to her old self I wouldn't call the vet in the a.m. and run it by them. I have on several occasions used the emergency option of my vet and paid the fee gladly, but it was for things like obvious urinary blockage with accompanied vomiting and posturing meant waiting wasn't an option. I do not use if for vomiting for 24 hours three or four times with no other symptoms (unless there were a chance of some sort of ingestion where I wouldn't wait one minute).

Good luck. But please monitor for dehydration if you decide to use the wait and see option. You do not want to be away at work tomorrow and still have her maybe in distress.

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She vomitted all day Sunday,and had dry heaving during the following night, but she woke up hungry
Monday morning and scarfed down my cat's wet food. I called the vet, who said as long as she doesn't have diarrhea, I can probably treat her at home. She suggested small amounts of boiled rice and ground beef, so I cooked some up, let it cool down, and fed a little at 9 am, noon, etc. She seems fine. Luckily I am retired so I didn't have to go off to work leaving a sick dog. She seems to be doing fine. Thanks for all the advice.

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I was hoping you'd come back on and let us know how she was doing. I will not hesitate to put out money for vet services when it's appropriate and my last barn cat, bless his heart, we called the six million dollar man. But, we don't have an emergency vet service. Our dear family vets drive in specially for emergency calls day or night (God I'm lucky) and charge accordingly. So, I try to consider the safety of waiting it out to normal vet office hours, as if they need seen quickly, they'll be worked in as soon as the office opens. I don't want to make them come in unnecessarily any more than I want to pay the emergency fees. They'll give you guidelines over the phone if you need them, but I pretty much triage them like I would a human and hit it spot on most of the time.

They get 'bugs' just like humans. And many of those bugs they get over just fine without emergency intervention. The key is to know what is dangerous to wait on and what isn't.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Glad to hear she is doing better.

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