this rescue dog is working out!!!

NinapearlAugust 30, 2009

meet swee' pea...she is a 2 year old great dane girl that came into rescue about 6 weeks ago. apparently, her people decided about a year ago that she was no longer a cute puppy so they tossed her out into the back yard and pretty much ignored her.

she is sweet beyond words, a real velcro dog. she and my other dane girl hit it off immediately and my male corgi thinks she is DA BOMB. i took the older dane back yesterday and brought this one home on a trial basis. she seems to be a much better match for my pack. i'm reserving final judgment for a couple of weeks but so far, she is everything i was looking for as a companion for my other dane girl. :)

it took only hours to figure out the long nylon rope i attached to her collar would be totally unnecessary. in fact, she's not even wearing the collar now!

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Oh, Nina, I can't believe how beautiful she is and how happy she looks. It looks like she's saying "yup, I'm gorgeous, I'm happy here and this is where I belong"

Congratulations! We have two smooth coated saint bernards (I swear one was mixed with a great dane) cause he looks just like yours but with the sait bernard colors.

The are the gentelest dogs in the world. So enjoy your time with him/her.

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thanks, trisha. :) she has bonded so quickly not only to me but to my other dane and to my corgi boy. i sent these same pictures to the rescue folks this morning and they said they have never seen her look happier. she is really blossoming and coming from st. louis, is really enjoying her new-found freedom with 20 acres to roam although i have to roam with her or she won't go!

so, now i have TWO sweet dane girls, both with hearts on their butts.

this is a better picture of ashley...see the heart on her butt? it was my sign from my late husband...i asked him to let me know she'd be a good dog and this is what i got. :)

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oh that's fantastic! I so hope it turns out well this time *fingers crossed* !!

she's beautiful and looks happy to be part of the new pack, I cant believe how happy I am for you but after reading your last thread about the older dane which didnt work out I was just so happy to see this post. It looks like she's fitting right in and she does look very happy!

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i'm not sure who's or her! it's been a long time since i had a young dog and she's just goofy enough to make life interesting. she climbed with me to the top of the hay stack yesterday and then wondered how in the heck she was gonna get back down. i had to build her some hay stack steps!

i'm trying really hard not to coddle her too much so she doesn't develop any separation issues but i'm tellin' ya, it's dang hard not to be huggin' on her all the time! :)

i spoil my dogs, i'll be the first to admit it. it became apparent to me that she was never allowed on the furniture in her past life. last night, she tried mightily to figure out how to get on the couch but only made it half-way. i'm guessing she'll get the hang of it soon!

she had better luck with the dog bed.

i ask you, how could anybody resist this face??

i did get an e-mail from the older dane girl's foster mom. she made it back home fine and settled right back in. yayy!

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haha! love those pics. I think she's trying to pretend she's not really ON the couch in case she gets in trouble for it. see, if your foot is touching the ground then you cant be on the furniture can you LOL.

I have a young dog now that thinks if she keeps one back foot off the floor when she goes to eat my other dogs food, then no one can tell she's doing it. I think it's the "one foot off the ground invisibility rule". dogs are so funny :)

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LOL i guess you have to think like a dog! toooo funny! they do have some rather intriguing rules, don't they? ;)

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So happy things seem to be working out better with the girl. It so nice when everyone in the house gets along :-)

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Very sweet. I agreee that's she pretending not to be on the furniture, because she was probably not allowed before.

Nice to see she has the natural ears.


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Pamghatten, I was thinking the same thing about the ears! They look so velvety, I want to reach through my computer and touch them.

Nina, you are lucky to have found such a wonderful addition to your family. She has very expressive eyes. In the pic near the top of this thread (behind the fence), her expression looks like she is saying, "Yeah, that's right, I'm in my forever home!".

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shannon, her ears ARE like velvet! and yes, i am so lucky, she's just a perfect dog and at only 2 years old, hopefully she will have many, many more years.

i took her to pet supplies plus today to meet the employees who love my other dane. she is still a bit timid around new people and new places but she warmed up to them with a couple of cookies.

left there and went to the big park for a walk, just the 2 of us. i was walking her by the bandstand where an elderly man was sitting on the steps reading the morning paper. he asked if he could pet my pony so i asked him to stay seated and we would approach. i sat down next to him and explained that swee' pea is a rescue dog, ignored pretty much for the last year of her life and we should wait to see if she decided she wanted to be petted by him. so, we ignored her. after 10 minutes, she couldn't stand it, leaned over across me to sniff his hand and ended up with some nice ear scritches. :)

she's come a long way in just 3 days, has a little more to go before she's entirely comfortable with new things but she is making great progress.

thank you, glad you all like her!

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That is great news. She's a doll.

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That's terrific. She's a real sweetheart.

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it's been a very long time since i had a young dog in the house and she's proving to be quite the clown! it's been SO much fun watching her blossom!!!

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LOL, she is a goof! I think you've just the right one ninipearl, love the pic it is so funny. she looks like such a sweety

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Aw, what a cutie! So glad she's working out!

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She is so sweet. I LOVE real ears! Thanks for the pictures.

I think we need a caption contest for that last one. Mine is, "I went to sleep and I woke up and the whole world had gotten very tiny! Check out this door - yesterday I could walk right through! Somebody send help! Luv, Gulliver."

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lol nancy, my photo caption would be

"Hey what's going on out there?! I dont want to miss the fun! oo, I think I can see a foot, there's definitely something really good going on out there...I just know it!"

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LMAO! my son said a good caption would be "well, that OTHER dog can get through it!" :o

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