Resin fountain repair

schathamApril 10, 2013

I'm not sure if the plumbing forum is the right place for my question, but seemed (to me) to be closer than other forums here.

I have a resin fountain that is 3-4 years old. I had put it up each fall long before any freezes in the area. However, it nevertheless developed a leak, but not any visible crack. My first attempt to repair (what I thought was) a crack was using the Miracle putty. When that didn't work, I tried JB Weld in the same place, still did not fix the leak. Next, I tried the spray-on rubberized coating that's similar to what is advertised on TV.

When that didn't work, I pulled all that out & then went back with Bondo fiberglass resin. I used the fiberglass to put over any place I thought was a crack, and then coated the inside of the fountain with an application of the resin. I basically coated the entire fountain.

My fountain is similar to one that Lowes ( carries, item # 396752. Mine is similar in that the fountain cascades over a rock-like face & into the basin below. The basin in the one shown is what I repaired with the fiberglass resin.

Good news - the fountain did not leak.
Bad news - when I looked at the basin recently, I noticed that the resin looked like it had come loose from around the inside of the fountain. It was also brittle where it had come loose, like a thin sheet. Although it will still hold water, I know that it's only a matter of time before water gets behind that fiberglass, or through it where it's gotten brittle. That will bring the leak back on. Or, the fiberglass will continue to flake off & eventually stop up my pump on the fountain.

Has anyone successfully repaired these types of fountains, and if so how? What do you use to keep the sealant from pulling away from the sides?

BTW - I used regular Bondo fiberglass repair kit that is sold at Wal mart. It says it's for automotive or for boat repair.

I'd appreciate any advice or tips.

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You want fiberglass boat repair materials.

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