Has anyone tried Sinu-Rite for dogs?

razorbackfanAugust 13, 2010

Our 15-year old pug has developed chronic nasal congestion. Pulse therapy with antibiotics helps, but I'm looking for something safe & non-addictive that I could give her to help with the congestion on an ongoing basis.

The vet is confident this is not a nasal tumor; that it's more than likely just an ongoing irritation/mild infection in her nasal passages.

I've seen a product online called Sinu-Rite by PetAlive. Has anyone tried it on their dog (or cat?) Any concerns about using it?

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"Sinu-Rite is a safe, non-addictive, FDA registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients selected to relieve sinus and nasal congestion in pets."

"Homeopathic" remedies are diluted to the point of being GONE ... you would be paying $20 or so for a bottle of lactose tablets.


Nat mur (fancy name and explanation for sodium chloride)

Wind flower (30C) extremely diluted (30C is diluted to the point that you would have to administer gallons of remedy to get one molecule of the original extract)

Kali bich (30C) is a natural remedy (that's the fancy name for potassium bichromate ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium_dichromate)

Glycorrhiza (3X) (extremely diluted licorice extract).

Lactose (what you are really giving the pet)

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Apparently lazygardens is not a fan of homeopathy. While it seems odd, the dilution is the key. It certainly can work but you need to get the exact remedy for the problem and that can be difficult. You might see a holistic vet if you have one in your area.

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