Imprinted chickens 2

mountain_ladyAugust 18, 2012

Well some time ago I posted about my Husbands Ladies. Well Here is a picture of him and his ladies. He walked into their pen and here they are . They came right to him so he could sit down and pet each and everyone of them. I have other pictures of them following him in their little yard and following him into the coop. They make us laugh ... they are soo funny.

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That's a nice looking little flock. Look a lot like my golden comets (who are eggers extraordinaire!)

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Neat. They look like ISA Browns which I had and found to be the friendliest hens ever.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Such charming girls! I love chickens! Thanks for sharing your feather kids. :)


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Cute, they're all clamoring for his attention!

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We are not sure what kind of chickens they are. They are still babies . We got them as chickens in april and we have eggs now. we are getting 11 to 13 day. and most of them are dbl yokers. but daily when my husband goes out there they follow him around the pen. heck my 5 yr old newphew was here and he went out that can was petting the chickens. come spring we will add more plus some turkeys. but it dont really matter what kind of pet or livestock it is my husband makes fast friends with them all.

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spedigrees z4VT

That's such a great picture, Mountain Lady! I really envy you your chickens. Now that our horses are all running in greener pastures, and we're both retired, we'd thought about re-fitting our little barn and getting a few hens. Trouble is they would be pets because we couldn't bring ourselves to kill them, so they'd be with us for life, and we'd be tied down with them. (You can board a dog, cat, horse, or even a caged bird if you want to go on vacation, but not a flock of chickens!) I wish we could tho. I have a feeling they'd take to my hubby like yours have to your other half!

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Looks like they have a great coop,too. I get chicken fever every Spring but have yet to act upon it.

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These pics are great! I'm jealous of your wide open spaces. I really miss living in the country. What state do you live in, Mountain Lady?
My friend has chickens and she loves backyardchickens. com.

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard Chickens

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We live in Eastern Montana .... Wide open and Big skys... We love it here. I thank you for the link . I might have to check them out ...

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