Need a quick pie crust answer please!

tami_ohioDecember 24, 2012

At Thanksfiving I made pie crust for the first time in years. I used that no fail recipe from Cooks Ill. I think. And I remembered not to put sugar in it. And what ever else was mentioned not to do, I can't remember what all.. Anyway, I have two left in the freezer ready to thaw and roll out. When I baked a blind crust for a chocolate cream pie, it shrank a LOT! Is there a way to keep it from basicly sliding down the sides of the pie plate? I really don't want to have to make crust with a different recipe today. I have more knitting to finish and wrap! Last batch of cookies for the day are in the oven and the Heavenly Rolls from Angelaid are rising. I still have to go buy milk and powdered sugar. All the powdered sugar in the house is gone, container and all. Kids say they don't have it! DS did offer to bring me some tho. Told him no, thanks. He has his dough made but none baked, had accident on the way home from new job Fri. night, & no money for new mirror and driver window. He doesn't need to spend time and gas coming here for that, tho I appreciated the thought. Fri was not a good day for vehicles in our family as DH slid into the back of someone going down hill at a light. ABS brakes and seams in road do not mix. Now he has a loaner. Our first snow storm of the season was very eventful! But all are safe and uninjured, so it is a Merry Christmas even with all of that.

Merry Christmas to all of you and yours

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Chilling the dough after it's in the pie plate helps. So does making sure you don't stretch the dough as you're putting it in the pie plate. The best thing is to use some pie weights. You can use any kind of dry beans for pie weights. Just put some foil on the dough in the pan then put the beans in. Good luck.

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Thanks. Merry Christmas!

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I agree, some dried beans make great pie weights, and my pie crust always shrinks, no matter the recipe I use.

Merry Christmas, and I'm sorry about the car. Thank goodness DH is safe.


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I always leave enough margin to crimp my edges on the longish side, on the outside of the rim of the pie plate. That way, if the pastry shrinks, it still has enough clinging to the top of the rim. Theoretically, at least....

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