Hawaiian Sea Salt vs Himalayan Pink

tmd15December 31, 2009

Okay; gonna make Kahlua Pig in a slow cooker from All Recipes website tomorrow. It calls for Hawaiian Sea Salt, which I could not find at my local store and was not about to go all over Hell's half acre looking for. They did have Himalayan Pink Salt, which I did buy. Does anyone know if this makes the slightest bit of dfference or what the differences are between the two?

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Well...I think the himalayan does have copper in it which makes it pink....but not sure you could tell the difference in a mess of pulled pork!
Linda C

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i make kalua pork all the time, i use kosher salt, the seasoning type of smoke flavoring, i use wrights mesquite smoke flavoring
hawaiian salt is "saltier" if thats possible and if anyone tells you its red/pink salt from hawaii, its alae salt which is colored by a red rock powder, we hawaiians(i transplanted) feel it medicinal too.

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