Marathon water heaters and recirculation pumps

blazinloApril 30, 2010

I have a marathon water heater... currently the recirc pump feeds into the drain line (this is how plumber installed). Based on how a marathon is designed (and this return line configuration) it would seem to me that this "cooler" water will be pumped up from middle bottom of tank.. (how high it goes, I dont know).. on a conventional water heater, the "cooler" water would be pumped in sideways at the bottom and be more apt to stay at bottom.. Do you think that the "cooler" water being pumped upwards would cause the water heater to run more often therefore resulting in a higher electric bill? I'm thinking that perhaps I should reroute the return line to go into the cold inlet pipe instead... your thoughts?

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The only thing that results in a higher electric bill is the recirculation. Any water returned to tank regardless of how it enters blends with the rest due to the moving water. The cooled return water lowers tank temp resulting in the elements coming on.

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