10' Bullion Fringe

mustangs81March 21, 2010

I have been looking for over a year for 10" (not 9") bullion fringe to add to my conversation sofa. I see just what I want on sofas, chairs, and ottomans in furniture stores. I've measured it in the stores and it is 10".

I have googled many times, gone to eBay, brick and mortar upholstery stores and hit dead ends. Well, let me back up, I did find some once but it would have cost more for the fringe than the sofa cost.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sofa With Bullion Fringe

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Hey there! (waves from way up North...)

I would call M&J Trimming in New York. Even if they don't have it, maybe they would know where to steer you.

The other route would be to call the manufacturer of the furniture that has the coveted trim. I tracked back some fabric from Robb & Stuckey to Lane Venture to the mill that made their fabrics to the warehouse of Boca Bargoons and found what I needed for my boat many moons ago.

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Hi Amy!!!!!! I hope you all are doing great up North. Hey, you missed a very cold Florida winter.

I'll try M&J. Do you know that Boca Bargoons couldn't come up with anything!

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Well, they really just buy from overruns and seconds, I think. They don't necessarily have access to everything out there and probably only buy for what they think they can sell. I do miss my regular jaunts to BB!

Funny, we had a pretty easy winter up here, unlike a lot of the rest of the country. And it seems to be over already. Just got back from vacation in CA to find the temps here higher than they were in San Francisco. Go figure!

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You could also try TasselnFringe, I know they have 9" bullion for $2.55 - 5.99 depending on amount ordered, and they advertise that they have 10" bullion, too. Check the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: 9

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Have you asked at the furniture stores if they can order the trim for you? If they sell the pieces, they may be able to order what would be considered by the furniture mfg. to be replacement fringe.

I have to ask,tho. Is the reason you want the 10" because the 9" won't reach the floor?

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Thanks Les. I thought I would try ordering from a vendor at the Hickory Furniture Mart in NC where I do furniture shopping. I was disappointed to hear the FurnitureLand South closed which is where I have ordered upholstery fabric in the past. They arethrough> were HUGH, what a sad thing and an indication of where we are headed.

Anyway, to answer your question: The skirt that I'm replacing is 10 1/2" and is 1" above the floor. So 9" would leave it 2 1/2" from the floor.

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Maybe the 9" is the 'new' 10"~~last week I bought just the basic curtain rods for DD. The packaging said 18", but they were only 16" when I measured. There seems to be less to many things, but we're still paying the same price or more. Makes me wonder if the 36" yardstick used in fabric stores has also been cut down. ;o)

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I am also looking for 10" Bullion Fringe for my sofa. Did you ever find any?


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