Cleaning Ceramic Floor Tiles?

canuck_in_goalAugust 28, 2011

Howdy, we have moved down to Nicaragua from the USA. We have 2 cats and 1 dog! We have Ceramic Tiles throughout our house. Cleaning supplies here are a bit limited, seems everything has disinfectant in it, which I guess is good, but I don't imagine its good for my animals. Can any suggest a home made safe for animals recipe to clean the floors. We clean with a mop! I have bought 1 of those Shark Steam cleaners, but could be like another month or 2 before our home goods arrive here, so in the mean time, have to use the mop. Any recommendations would be super. Many Thanks

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I don't splurge often, but year ago fell in love with an very expensive tile made in Italy. The tile man who installed it recommended I damp mop my floors with vinegar.

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Many Thanks!! Did some research on Vinegar and many agree with you Calliope!! Many Thanks!!!!!!

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I also use vinegar on my tile regularly. If you end up with stains- my old dog use to have accidents from time to time, which stained our ceramic, scrubbing with baking soda and sometimes a little bleach if necessary seems to work.

My SIL swears by just mopping with plain old hot water, the hottest she can get out of the tap. She claims that's all she needs for her ceramic tile.

My tile and grout are really grubby right now and need a thorough cleaning soon. I've discovered that a strong dish soap solution and a very stiff plastic bristle brush work much better than a lot of the chemical-heavy, expensive "easy" cleaning products.

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Thank you.

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Bissell Steam Mop. I don't use any chemicals and my tile (and sealed wood) floors clean up beautifully. I still have to clean the grout once in a while (I have 6 dogs and my back yard is just a mud hole- no grass at all) with a scrub brush but I think that's because I've never gotten around to sealing the grout.

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We have the Shark steam mop coming with our good---we moved from the USA to Nicaragua. Now juts have to get my maid to use it when it arrives,lol

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