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lily316August 15, 2010

It was time for our 6 week application of Frontline for my five cats and two dogs. Six of them were done Thursday pretty much routinely but big bad Henry knew it was coming so made himself scarce. Finally he was on the kitchen island a few minutes ago, and we trapped him. He snarled and ripped my husband's arm open with his back claw. So this time I grabbed his front paws and held them tight and trapped his back legs on the island while DH parted the fur and applied it. Henry was hissing like a wild animal and snarling and spitting. I rescued him at four weeks from a feral mother, but he has been here four years and is a sweetie pie(most of the time). And he weighs 22 pounds so that doesn't help. I have tried to sneak up on him while he was sleeping but no go. Anyone else have this problem? It's not a needle or a pill, but a liquid on his neck.

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My 2 dogs will run and hide if they even suspect the Frontline is about to be used. Like you, I don't understand why, because a tiny bit of liquid on their neck/back has NEVER hurt them at all. I have to give treats before and after the application to lessen their "pain". Poor babies lead SUCH a tough life, don'tcha know :)

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My rottie can hide in the most amazing places the first of the month. She alligator rolls and acts like I'm killing her. My male husky whines like a baby.

I figure I must encourage the bad behavior or at least not discourage it properly. The other dogs are all fine, even the 7# pomeranian.

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I hate to suggest it, but I think some animals are sensitive to the chemicals. They make them feel bad. My dog doesn't love her Frontline time, but she accepts it. But the older dog that died, who would do anything for a treat? She would hide. Even though it was just liquid. She tolerated a shampoo better than the Frontline.

But when I used BioSpot for awhile, they both hated it and the older dog would tremble uncontrollably before I applied it, take her treat, and run away to cower. I did research on it and found BioSpot can cause seizures and even death, so I switched.

But I still hate using the Frontline. It's poison to insects, it makes sense that it could have unpleasant effects on some dogs.

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I'm not happy to use Frontline either although my vet recommends it. IMO it's the best of the flea preventives, and I have used it for years with no negative results in all my animals. Decades ago I almost killed a cat with a Hartz product when i didn't know any better. . I don't over medicate myself OR my pets. I had to take an antibiotic for a infected cut last week and it's the first time in decades that I've taken one. Same with cats. I don't take them to the vets for annual shots as I once did. They didn't even have rabies shots since none have ever in their lives been outside..not even on an enclosed porch. I had to do the rabies thing since it was required to adopt a dog. Dogs DO get annual shots since they are out in the world. , but I question the Sentinel they take which is an internal pesticide . But having lived thru a flea infestation, I cannot imagine NOT doing it. This is the worse weather -wise summer in my memory...four days reached 100, most days in the90's and horrid humidity and not one flea. Ironically six of my pets are okay getting it esp. the dogs but 22 pound Henry hates it and is the only one who was never bothered by the fleas. He's dark tiger with a pure white stomach where the fleas always congregated.

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