How to Get Urine Smell out of porous Cement?

ladyamityAugust 31, 2007


I'm usually at the Decor Forum here at GW but this has nothing to do with decor ----- *holds nose*.

We've been redoing our back yard and making a new area just for relaxing.

Problem is the area used to be our dog's potty area.

Although she's an indoor dog exclusively, when we are outdoors and she wants to be with us out there we gave Zayda a brand new potty area out back with a large area of grass, some textured cement (She's picky where she goes when the grass is wet), a plot of dirt because she likes a wet dirt mound to lie in when it's hot and a mister along the brick wall, mainly to keep the dust down but for Zayda's comfort too on hot days like today.

Sounds good, right?

She loves her new area and barely ventures over to our area now.

Problem: Where we've set up our new area to relax, we keep getting the strong odor of dried's permeated the cement.

I've sprayed the concrete floor of the area with diluted bleach, Fabreez, Mr. Clean (Concentrate, diluted in a garden pump sprayer) and numerous other cleaning/disinfecting/odor minimizing solutions to no avail.

Years ago I worked with Parrots of all types in a commercial setting and we used Roccal to clean and deodorize....bought it by the case. I loved the stuff!

I decided to try and see if it was still available/still being made and Yikes! the price has gone way up! (maybe because they added the 'D' after it? lol)

Thought I'd come here and see if anyone has any special mixture they use for getting dried urine smell out of cement?

The cement is porous and natural looking so I really didn't want to seal the cement. Hopefully there is something out there that will cut the urine smell?

The urine smell doesn't come up too badly as long as we don't allow water to get any where near the cement floor but as soon as I turn on the water to fill the birdbaths/water my plants or spray off the cement floor of dust and dirt, wowzer....that smell can knock a person over!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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Have you tried lime? I try to rinse the concrete right away when the dogs pee there, but sometimes find I need to sprinkle lime around too. I hose the area first and just sprinkle it on the moist concrete. I think it works. Give it a try and see if it helps your problem.

There is also a specific product made for exactly this problem, but it's not available on line. If I can remember the name, I'll post it.

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Soak the concrete with Simple Solution and let it dry...

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Holy Dog Urine.....that was fast!
Are you all always this prompt when helping with Pet questions?

If so, no need for me to ever go hunting and pecking all over the internet when I have a question/problem with any of my fur and feathered babes....I'll just come directly here!

Ok, about the you mean actual citrus lime? As in, juice?
If so, then I'm in business as my neighbor has a lime tree and the limes are always dropping all over her yard and mine because she doesn't do anything with them.
If not the citrus lime, what kind do you mean?

Does Simple Solution have a decent scent?
Normally I wouldn't care as long as I could get the old urine smell out of the area but since it's a place to relax I don't want another nasty scent added to the mix.
Although, it can't be near as bad as some of the solutions I've tried already. lol

Does Simple Solutions come in a concentrate so that I can mix up a garden pump sprayer of it for the week?

I'll tell ya both...I had nooo idea old, dried dog urine could smell so bad when it's been dampened with hose water.
My gosh, it was infiltrating into the house a whole double garage space away from it.

You are both great for taking the time to read my question and respond, and so fast.
Thank you both!

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Buy some Odormute..........or any of the washes used for dog kennels. You've got to use something that has enzymes that attack the urine. Your local petstore may carry it or something similar.
I've used the odormute to remove urine from flagstone and concrete foundation......... it works! Plus, it leaves no odor of its own.

Here is a link that might be useful: odormute

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I'd use either the Simple solution or odermute (not familiar with odermute), but once you do get the smell out, I'd put a sealer on the concrete to prevent any future problems.

I created a special place for my pooches in the dog yard. The dog yard is completely crushed rock; I had some leftover sod so created their own "dogpatch" of grass (about 4'x6'). They love laying on the cool grass on hot days.

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Save those limes for your marguerita or whatever. You want the pelletized lime that you would use on your lawn.

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Try white works for me, I have cement patio and my Africa goes there all the time...we wash it first with soap and water, then we use a lot of white vinegar and it works. Give it a is cheap and effective!

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Simple solution is practically odorless. To me it smells like clean wax. It is an enzymatic cleaner designed specifically to break down urine, vomit and other pet excretions.

(Nature's Miracle is another enzymatic product, but I don't like the smell of NM as much as SS.)

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I use MALT VINEGAR to help with the smell from stray cats that like to mark their territory as they see my porch. It helps "mask" the smell until it rains really heavily, but works otherwise.

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I read from another person on a different site, to use lemon scented pine sol. She said not to use regular but to use lemon scented.
Put it in a spritzer bottle and spray the area and let it dry.
She didn't say this but I think if it's a large area, you could use a paint roller and a large bucket or whatever and just roll it on.
Anyway, however you choose to do it, she said she has never had the smell come back.

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