Is this really a Koi?

nan_e_fanAugust 15, 2011

I've had this fish in my pond for the last twelve years. I got it at a pond and garden place near me that sells all colors and sizes of koi and goldfish. I'm concerned that this fish who is supposed to be an 'american' koi, is something else entirely. It was so small (five inches) when I bought it, and now it's so big (twenty-seven inches)that I wonder if this is some sort of cross bred carp. The size of my pond at 1000 gallons shouldn't allow any fish to get this big. It's not bicolored like japanese koi, it's orange and black brindled (like a dog). The pond place is run by different folks now, so any questioning goes nowhere. Has anybody out there had, seen or know what this fish might be? All my searching on the internet has proved fruitless.

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It most likely is a koi. Their size/growth is not determined by the size of the pond they are in as they continue to grow all their lives. They come in all colors, most likely is a domestic koi.


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I think they are Koi too ... a friend added some Koi to my farm pond last summer, and they have already doubled in size.

Mine are also the coloring of yours.

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Post a pic of it over in the pond and aquatic plant forum!

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I have many koi who are orange/black brindle. My last year babies who were 1/2 inch are now six inches long and the babies who were born two months ago are already almost 2 inches long. That's why I had a kill in May. Four 2 foot long koi died when the power went out.

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