A Dog's Life is so Hard......

kitasmommieAugust 2, 2012

Having to hold down this pillow so it doesn't run away....in the cool air conditioning....

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Cute. Looks like mine after a hot walk. They sigh and lay down beside the AC.

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So glad that she has adjusted well!

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Well there's our beautiful gal! I can't imagine summer with a coat like that, she's so tidy and neat for a white dog. She looks like she's enjoying life now.

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Cute! you know it's a very real danger, that of pillows running away from dogs. She's doing her part to protect you.

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Kita hasn't had a bath in about 5-6 years. She gets brushed all the time because she blows her coat. Whenever she does get dirty, the dirt just falls off. She has a pleasant smell to her coat (except when it does get wet - then it's just "wet dog")and we've never had any skin issues.
Even when we take her fishing at the river - which we still do altho she's blind, once she dries off & a quick brush, she'll still this beautiful white.
She's not so interested in going in the water now, which is fine, but she sure loves digging to China in the wet sand.

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she is SO beautiful!! her fur looks almost like lamb's wool. looks like she would make a great pillow!

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She's doing a great job.

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