Anyone had a problem with 'DreamBones' dog snack?

cas66ragtopAugust 6, 2012

Has anyone had any problems with a dog snack called "DreamBones"? I bought them at Martin's Grocery Store (a.k.a. Giant). They are supposedly a healthier alternative to rawhide. They are supposed to be 99% digestable, and instead of being made of rawhide, they are made out of plants (mainly kelp), and had a chicken filling.

I gave this to my 3 yr old dog who is strong as an ox, and has never had any medical issues - and within 30 minutes of consuming it, he went into a seizure. It scared the crap out of me, I thought he was dying right in front of me, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Then about 10-15 minutes after the seizure, he was back to normal. He went outside and had a normal bowel movement, and dinner later in the evening and had another normal bowel movement, so that told me he didn't have a blockage. I can only assume there was something in the ingredients that he had a severe allergic reaction to.

I checked all the ingredients, and there wasn't anything out of the ordinary that would have been harmful - the ONLY thing I saw that he is not normally accustomed to was kelp and chlorophyl. I looked all over the internet to see if DreamBones had any complaints, recalls or lawsuits, and found nothing.

I know seizures can also be caused by epilepsy, brain tumors, tick bites, and other toxins. I just found it highly coincidental that this happened so quickly after consuming this particular pet snack, which he had never had before. We monitored him closely over the next 24 hrs, and he is totally back to normal, as if nothing ever happened. We threw these snacks away and will never use them again. We will continue to pay careful attention to him, and if it happens again, we will then be faced with taking blood and urine samples to check for other issues. I really hope that the DreamBones was our actual problem, and this never happens again.

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I don't know about the bones but the company appears a bit unusual. I could find no information on the DreamBones site about who these folks are, except the bones are made by Pet Matrix LLC. That website is as odd as the DreamBones site - no company address or "Who We Are" info. Just an email and 877- number for questions. Oh wait - there is a PO Box in Honolulu.

Not sure what to think of that.

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nowadays all pet treats are suspect & should be carefully considered before giving to your pets....the ones made in China are the worst, for some reason (ok I know its greed) they're poisoning our pets & we're paying for the privilege.

I'd throw them out & count yourself lucky your dog didn't die. Sad, isn't it? Last yr I was giving my dogs an imported chicken jerky treat & 1 of our dogs started throwing up every day until I tossed the package, I felt so bad.

If you can't easily find info on the mfr, I'd see that as a bad sign that they're hiding something.

their own facebook page where they totally duck a direct question on where are their treats produced

someone on said they're made in China, you'll have to check your pkg & decide for yourself. I'm glad you dog lived. Now get back to the real estate forum , they need you to referee over there lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Yeah, pretty bad when you have to check origins of pet snacks and can't simply trust that if it is on the store's shelves, it must be safe. Even if I had checked beforehand, I still would have bought this, because all the reviews for this (mainly found on Amazon) have been positive.

I did leave a negative review, and I felt halfway guilty doing that, because I do not know for a fact that the snack IS what triggered this. All I know, is it happened shortly after consumption, and now 72 hours have passed and he's totally back to normal, and showing no signs of any problems. If it was indeed the snack, he must be the one dog in a million that was allergic to their ingredients, or I picked up the one package in a million that was tainted.

Sorry to hear about your dog getting sick on the snacks, jomuir, glad he is ok. And thanks for the link to the other thread. I think I may get a dehydrater and make some sweet potato snacks - that looked pretty good!

LOL - I didn't realize I had made that much of an impression on the real estate boards. I don't know that I have ever been a very good referee - more like an instigator, maybe. Haha. I do mainly stick to the real estate stuff - I guess from habit. I forget that they have other boards that are very useful.

Thanks again for the help. I was really worried about my boy. I would have been devastated if he was taken from me at such a young age over something like this. I have been scouring the web for info relating to seizures and allergies, and although I educated myself a lot more, I also made myself even more paranoid! He seems like he is back to normal now, I think he is ok now.

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I'm glad he's ok too. It's scary about the stuff coming out of China, some dogs must be more susceptible or consume a batch that had more toxin in it maybe.

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My poor girl who has never been allergic to anything broke out into a horrible hot itchy blistery rash all over her back due to those darn things. It was terrible, they would burst open & her fur would be wet & I had to give her so many water rinses to keep her from getting all goopy. STAY AWAY FROM DREAMBONES THEY ARE A NIGHTMARE !!!!

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I have been giving my basset hound Duchess dreambones about once a week, her Saturday treat. I first bought them about 3 weeks ago. She has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. The vet says she must have gotten into something. She is with us all of the time and we have a fenced yard. The only change in her diet has been the dream bones. Coincidence? I threw them away. She is very ill and is being treated at the vets office. Sad!!!!!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

My dogs get small pieces of fresh raw carrot, two or three blueberries, a strawberry, or a few pieces of kibble as treats. There's no need to give them overpriced expensive treats of questionable ingredients. Dog treats are junk. Dogs don't care what they get--give them some small bit of carrot or a blueberry and they are happy. Try it and see!

donna26 very sorry to hear your Duchess is ill. I hope she recovers well.

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Debbie Mathus Brumley

DO NOT BUY THESE! Friends of mine lost there dog to choking on these...they are sold at WalMart and are just as bad as Rawhide!!!

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I knew treats from China are very dangerous but I did not realize Dreambones were made in China. My miniature dachshund had one before but I gave her one on Saturday afternoon & she started throwing up Sunday morning. She was sick for two days, not eating. I took her to the vet Tuesday morning & he ran all kinds of tests. Couldn't find anything wrong. Later I thought about the Dreambones & was horrified to see the tiny print Made In China. I'll call the doc again tomorrow. My dog has stopped throwing up but I am afraid the bones may have done some permanent damage. Don't give these to your pet! I'm going to contact Target & get them to stop selling these.

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