Waste King or Insinkerator? Specific questions.

panamamikeApril 19, 2010

I've seen a couple of threads on this, but haven't gotten answers to my particular concerns. Hopefully, someone might know the answers.

1: For warranty purposes, does the garbage disposal have to be installed professionally. I like the idea of lifetime warranty, but don't know if this would be an issue.

2: Which insinkerators have stainless internals? I have a 444, of course this guy died for the reason many do. The case corroded/oxidized. I see recommendations to get a stainless interior model. I don't know which ones have this feature. Is it only the excel?

3: Are there any lifetime warranties for compact installs. I see the waste king top of the line 1hp unit has the lifetime in-home, but it's a whopping 16 inches tall. My current unit is a bit shorter and the 16 won't fit. Any shorter waste king models with lifetime? I see the 3300 has 10 year warranty as opposed to the lifetime.

4: Should I be that concerned about the warranty? I know mine failed due to defect, corrosion. Also wonder what happens if you "break" the unit because a fork or something was caught in the disposal. Is warranty an important concern?

5: Do I need the cadillac? There is a significant price difference between the basic and excel insinkerator. Is this just for the cool exterior I'll never see. Do I need that 3rd stage of grinding?


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Dude, it's not that deep. Really.

Buy a Badger 5 for ~$80 and call it good for 12 years or so. It only takes about 30 minutes to install a replacement.

If you want to spend more money, buy an Evolution Essential with SS chamber for ~$210.

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Agree with Jake, except.....

I've never known any badger that lasted 12 years. ( I've had two top-line ISE models in my past and neither of them lasted 12 years. Didn't break, but became so inefficient there was no sense in keeping them.) IMHO, they're basically contractor-specials. They work OK while they're working, but they're noisy.

3/4 hp is plenty and you don't need 3-stage grinding. Interesting, but no big deal. SS is good and you'll appreciate the sound insulation. Go for the Essential or Compact. Don't worry about the warranty. You'll never use it.

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Thx for the input...Just wondered if getting that SS chamber would be worth the effort. Turns out from ISE directly the compact doesn't have the SS, but the essential does.

If I'm replacing a 444, can I get away with the essential an not have to change the tubes? There is a dimension from bottom of the sink to the center of the main disposal pipe with a 11/16 difference.


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Hard to say without looking at it. By all means, check the dimensions from the web-site and get as close as you can. However, replacing drain-tubes is cheap and easy unless you have a very unusual situation. I replaced a 12-year-old top-of-the-line ISE a couple of years ago with a new one that had slightly different dimensions. It was a nuisance, but easy. I suspect it would be for you, too. However, it is important to get it right because you'll be living with it for a long time and under-sink leaks are a pain. Whatever you do down there, do it right.

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If you run ice cubes through the disposal, it will keep the blades sharp, eliminate odors and reduce the corrosion.

I think the badger 1 is a contractor grade, the badger 5 is a step up.

Are people really running that much garbage through their disposal that they need commercial grade stuff? I rinse the food off the plates, and that's about it.

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My concern is more about durability rather than power. Why on earth do they use plastic grind chambers if those are guaranteed to fail?

The ISE Compact would be the perfect replacement, just sucks that it uses plastic.

I was wondering if this is actually true, since one some sites I've seen claims that it's SS, but the manufacturer says no. Maybe to boost Evolution sales?


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The "chamber" is the enclosure. The grinding components themselves are not plastic. I don't know where the "guaranteed to fail" idea came from.

I would agree that SS chamber would be superior... the model just above (essential) has that, too, if you want it.

I have little doubt you would be satisfied with either.

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I'm fixed on the chamber because my current 444 corroded or rusted out. I think it's due to the chamber being plastic, thus needing replacement.

I'm aware that the grind components are SS. That brings me to the real question/concern. I just really want a disposal that will last. Is worrying about the chamber a non-issue because there are other components that will fail before it does?


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Your experience may be beyond mine. Except for Badgers, I've not personally known any (among self and friends, that would be MANY) to rust out or leak but I have read the stories. I have had experience with ALL versions -- even the tops of the lines -- basically wearing out their grinders to the point where they became worthless. That's what happened to my last top-line ISE after 12 years. It was still technically running fine but the grinding mechanism had become too deficient to live with.

It's a machine. Given enough time, something's going to go wrong with it. Put it in the bank. Hopefully, your choice will last as long as you need it to, but that won't be forever. Good news is replacement is neither complicated nor terrifically expensive. From what you've described, I'd go with either of these mid-range models but would probably prefer the "Essential" if the extra bucks weren't a barrier. The top-line model -- the one that I have -- is overkill, IMHO. Can't imagine you'd need more power and the 3-stage grinding thing is a difference you won't notice outside of a testing laboratory.

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if i drop something in the waste king 8000 in error (like a ring or something) and would like to get it out, the can i stick my hand and get it out like i do with my badger 5?

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Agi Lo, with any disposer, as long as it's off, you can stick your hand down there. However, I would never do it with a batch feed one, as I don't understand the pressure mechanism. I know you should always turn the breaker for the disposer off before you stick a hand or chopstick or anything down there, but I admit I've done it before and been very sure not to flip the manual switch. :)

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I have a Badger 5 that has rusted and leaking I was considering a Waste King. Will it mount the same as the badger or will i have to put a new piece in for the sink.

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New sink piece.

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lithigin - That's really interesting about feeling the batch feed is more dangerous to put your hand in. I always thought of them as safer, but that's while they're already running. It didn't occur to me there was a chance you could accidentally flip a switch. That solidifies my decision to get an ISE continuous feed with a fiber optic switch. Thanks! (not that I plan to stick my hand down there often, but still...)

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