Culligan N8 Water Softener Won't Stop Running during the Recharge

jacladekApril 24, 2011

My husband hit the recharge button and the softener went into recharge mode. It ran for hours and hours. We unplugged the system to turn it off in hopes that it would re-set. When we plugged it back in, it was still in recharge mode. Our water is still in need of a charge. We have well-water (hard). Is there a quick fix in order to get it to recharge and then turn off until it has to recharge again?

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The main piston/sealpack is probably jammed. The piston gets bent and jams up causing the system to run to drain constantly. Culligan has a retrofit kit to repair this issue. It contains a new sealpack, refill piston and newly designed guides to prevent this problem from happening again. This kit is available at your culligan dealer. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this problem. If you are handy this is a pretty basic repair. Takes about 20 minutes.

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