horse meat packing places?

vieja_gwAugust 22, 2012

So many wild & pet horses being starved, abandoned due to price of hay, lack of $ medical care, abandoned..

Now I read one solution is to have horse meat packing places in the U.S. like they have for cattle! Now these horses are being shipped from the auction lots in the U.S. to Mexico for slaughter there under unregulated inhumane conditions for the sale of the meat. Horses sold for meat are usually old, unhealthy, abused, etc. but after seeing TV photos of some of the old dairy cattle being held in pens for slaughter & some on the ground unable to stand,sick,fear in their eyes, some on the ground already dead ... I guess I thought our meat came from healthy young cattle specifically raised for beef & slaughtered 'humanely'!! These photos & films make me sick at how some of we 'humans' can treat the 'unwanted'!

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There are a couple of slaughter houses in the US. Horse meat is considered a delicacy in many places in Europe. What TV photos?

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There are currently no slaughter houses in the US that process horses and haven't been since the funding for their inspections was pulled years ago. There probably will be soon because the funding is being restored and of course there is money to be made. The current situation where horses are packed into cattle trailers and hauled for days to canada or mexico for slaughter is not acceptable either.

We need to start holding the breeders and owners responsible for the humane disposal of the animals they cannot care for any longer. Heaven forbid we actually expect someone to be responsible though so we know that wont ever happen. We can't get people to stop breading cats and dogs so there is no way we'll stop the over production of horses.

I don't even want to get started on the subject of how inhumanely the animals we eat are treated. I come from a family of farmers. I have no tinkerbell ideas about the reality of where meat comes from. But I feel so strongly against the cruel and inhumane practices of modern factory farming and slaughter houses that dismember terrified animal while they are still alive that I have stopped eating meat for the most part. I wont be a consumer who supports those practices. I feel we need to outlaw the practices of factory farming and get families back on the farms. And consumers need to go back to treating meat more like a delicacy instead of expecting huge amounts of it at every meal. Factory farming is not only cruel, it isn't good for the environment, nor is it sustainable for the long haul. But as long as corporate farmers are allowed to lead via greed nothing will improve. And the average person is either oblivious or just doesn't care, which is mind boggling. But then again we can't get people to treat the cats and dogs they keep as pets any better than they do so how in the world can we expect them to care for the cow or pig who's destiny is to end up on someone's dinner plate?

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