high arc faucet option

rj56April 12, 2010

I like the idea of easier pot filling with a high arc faucet,and am attracted to the pull down spray feature, but most seem so high and large and I fear will overpower my standard sink and modest kitchen. Has anyone used one of the high arc prep faucets at their main sink, or is that a no-no? (I did read on one of the prep faucet spec sheets, to not use with a dishwasher.)

Here is my current sink and faucet. I am considering replacing the sink with a Blancodiamond single or 1 1/2 drop in, or may do stainless again. I really wanted a single hole, pull down with no deck plate.

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I have wondered the same thing-your kitchen sink, sprayer, and window placement look exactly like mine! I have decided to go forward and replace the sink, countertops and get a new Ladylux 3 pull down faucet. I want the one hole as well so hopefully it will look alright. I figure, it's what is convenient for me so as long as I'm happy our house will be happy!

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You'll have to replace your countertops to a solid surface like granite if you want a single hole faucet install. Or you can just cover the other 3 holes with cover plates if you keep a topmount sink. Undermounting a sink and using a single hole faucet greatly simplifies the "busyness" of the installation and looks much better than having the "soldier lineup" of a 4 hole faucet and topmount sink.

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Yes, I like the simple look without all the pop ups. It appears the blanco single topmount comes with one hole in the right corner, and an optional knock out in the left corner, and I've seen other sinks where you can specify how many holes. What are your feelings about the size of those high arc faucets?

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The Danze Fairmont is less than 11 inches tall, but has a side sprayer. How close does the sprayer need to be installed to the faucet? The single sink's holes would be about 23 inches apart (one at each corner).

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