sewage backup

bharatkasapoot123April 20, 2013


the home sewage is backedup. Discovered the problem in the basement toilet. It was bubbling intermittently. The laundry room that is adjacent to the bathroom had water backing out of the floor drain.

I got the plumber in and he could not find my outside cleanout. There was no inside cleanout to be found. He had to rod through the toilet. At 73 feet he found water logging but could not proceed with his rodder. The problem still remains. Record high rains for the last 48 hours has not helped. I have plugged the toilet and the drain.

The plumber is saying without the cleanout he cannot proceed and we should dig all 6000 dollars worth.

Are there any options? Can I do this myself?

I might have found a cleanout in the home. Does this look like a cleanout?

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Try running a camera from the manhole.

You will see either a blockage or a collapsed line.

How old a house/

How old a line?
What kind of line? (what you see inside the foundation has almost nothing to do with what the lateral is made of).

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the house is 1967
the line is clay
the plumber says he cannot rod through the toilet since that opening is small. He wants to rod through the cleanout. Does this look like one?

Thanks for responding

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