single person and dog

katrina_ellenAugust 5, 2011

I posted on another forum and didn't get much response. I am a single person who lives alone and works full time. I am away 9 hrs. a day for work, 5 days a week, then I am gone about 4-5 hrs. on Sunday and of course the usual errands that have to be done. My daughter has a bichon frize given to her by a lady who has terminal cancer and cannot care for her anymore. My daughter has 5 dogs so can't take on another one. The dog is 3 years old and has had obedience training and is a well behaved dog, but I cannot keep taking her to work with me. I am trying to find another home for her with either a family or a semi-retired person or retired. As far as attention she is a needy dog - the past owner was retired and spent most of her time with her. I will not be able to give her that kind of attention or anything near it due to my time available. If I cannot find a home for her, do you think it is advisable that I keep her? The alternative would be to give her to my daughter who wants her if I don't want to take her, but as I said, she has 5 dogs already and I don't think they get the attention they need. Thanks for any responses!

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that's a tough one. it really all depends on the dog but i don't think most dogs would be happy being left alone so much, especially a young dog of only 3 years. i can see where a senior dog would probably be fine because they sleep most of the time anyway.

you might try to find a breed-specific rescue that would take her.

a dog this young that is used to constant company would very likely become either neurotic or destructive. it really isn't fair to the dog. if she was raised in this situation, that would be different but to put a 3 year old dog used to company, by itself for 9 hours every day for 5 days is just too long.

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Since you are writing, I think you are ready to find a new home for the dog. I also think you are not wanting to give the dog to your daughter - for whatever reason.
The biggest problem I see in this entire scenario is that most pet rescue organizations and local pounds are filled to capacity due to a high influx of pets being dropped off due to the economic climate.
My suggestion considering everything is to try and find a good home for this dog. Dont use craigslist - that is a good way to have your dog sold to a lab for testing.
Checking a breed specific rescue place is a great idea. I might also recommend that you offer whatever organization some money so they can care for the dog until they can re-home it. You are in a tough place, Good luck

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Thank you. Its been stressful because she is such a sweet dog and I want to find her a loving home but was not sure how best to go about it. Good idea to offer the organization money for the care of her until a good home is found. My daughter is part of the problem, she wants her if I don't keep her and I think my situation would be better than hers for the dog. She told the previous owner she would take her but the owner doesn't know the situation and the cancer was a shock to her and now sadly she is in hospice so she didn't have time to find her a home. I know she would want her sweet dog to have the best possible home.

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Bless you for taking this dog in, in spite of your lack of time to care for her. She must miss her former owner terribly. In recent months I've helped two different friends/family members find homes for their dogs (both due to the owner's health problems) I would suggest contacting any groomers, veterinary workers, etc. that you may know. That is exactly how both these dogs found wonderful, loving homes. People who work in that field often know someone who maybe just lost their beloved pet and is looking for another, etc., at least that has been my experience. I would suggest that if you do find someone who wants to give the dog a home, to insist on a preliminary "meet and greet" visit to make sure that it seems to be a good fit.
Good luck

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I really feel for your situation, and also thank you for trying to find the best circumstances for that little dog. We were teetering on the brink of the very same situation with my mother's little dog, also a bichon. Vicki7 is right, those dogs (as can most) do develop an extremely close attachment with their owners. Mama's bichon was her companion after my father died, and her ears as she started going deaf. They were inseperable.

A pooch like that, who was a constant companion to an elderly person deserves the very best home ever and bless you for trying to find it and how kind of you to understand that your home isn't because of your absence most of the day.

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Well my response is different from everyone else. I don't see anything wrong with you keeping the dog provided you spend time with her when you are home. Many people work, are single and have dogs. What about the famlies where both parents work, have children and their activities yet own dogs and everyone is happy. The most important thing is that you want her. If you don't want her, then definitely find her the best home you can. But if you like this dog and want her, by all means keep her. Dogs sleep the majority of the day away. She will adjust to your routine.


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Surely the dog would be happier with 5 other dogs than being alone all day? Even if they get less human contact. They are dogs after all.

Unless you mean your daughter is neglecting her dogs in more ways than just not giving them enough attention... if so, that's a different matter.

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I agree with Jan, but I have 2 dogs and a bunch of cats that keep each other company while I am at work all day long. And yes, my dogs and cats do play and sleep with each other.

I also think it depends on the dog ... at 3 years old she could adapt to your lifestyle.

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Thanks for all the responses. My daughter loves her 5 dogs but she runs a business and is gone a good 10 hours a day. She does work close enough though to let the dogs out in midday. She is insisting she wants to take the dog back and I thought we could try it for a trial period and see if the dog is more content or not, then maybe if it doesn't work out she will be more receptive to finding a home for her. I hate to do this to the dog but she has seperation anxiety and even if I leave her to run an errand she barks the whole time according to the neighbors. I started crating her when I am gone for short periods, but I just couldn't crate her all day 5 days a week. I am hoping the pack instinct is satisfied with the company of the 5 dogs, but I don't know because she loves people so much. I thought the only other solution is to get another dog for her but I just can't afford the upkeep to take good care of them with grooming and all the other expenses. I do know of a wonderful vet to contact if this trial period does not work out. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!!!!

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sure wish I lived by you.are there any senior apartments where you live?Make a nice add and put it on their bulletin board.A senior would be glad to get your pouch.Sometimes we get so lonely and this would be an anwer to their prayers.Let me know if this works

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My pastor's son may be interested in the dog. I am waiting to hear back. She would be their family dog, but I explained to them the high maintenance of a bichon - they have to be groomed every 4 weeks, bathed every 2, and she needs a high quality dog food because bishon's are very suseptible to food allergies - mainly fillers they use in the lower quality foods. It may be hard to home her because of the cost - bishon's are considered high maintenance dogs. Thanks for the response, if this doesn't work out I may try that.

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one more thing you might consider---there are some, maybe not in your area, nursing homes that will take in a well behaved pet as companionship for the residents. It may not hurt to check the state laws on this to see if there is anything in the laws that forbid this, also the nursing home may or may not go along with this. Just an idea. but boy would the dog ever be loved!!!

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I just wish I had the time to take her to a nursing home, they would just love to hold her. I was thinking of visiting one with her but I think it would be best for her if I find a home where someone is home more. I feel it would not be much of a life for her as much as I am gone to work. I just got told today that they don't want me bringing her to work anymore. I am hoping for a family with older children, I think that would work out so great.

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Katrina, I was thinking about you finding a nursing home that would take her and keep her there. Not just for visiting the residents. I have read about dogs living in nursing home and just wondered if it was anything that could be worked out for your little sweetie.

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Have you looked into finding someone who would come to your home and take the dog for a walk around mid-day?

Dogs mostly sleep when you aren't home. If you paid someone to come around mid-day to walk her, she probably would adapt to your lifestyle just fine.

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I have only had the dog less than two months and got attached to her and it was hard to give her up, but I found a great home for her. The couple has one other dog, a maltese just her size and similar to her temperament. They love their dog and are thrilled about getting Briana. They take really good care of their dog and have the money for all the grooming required. My daughter has known them for years and they wanted a little companion to their AJ. I am happy to have found her a wonderful home, but I will really miss her. Thanks for all the help from all. I never had a dog before and now I know why people have dogs, they are wonderful loving companions.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I'm so glad everything worked out just right!

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