Kitten Peeing on Bed

spinningfastAugust 11, 2013

I've been feeding a (feral) male cat for a year at and near my home. One night he arrived with a mother cat and 6 week old nursing kitten. Eventually Kitten was weaned and eating soft cat food and weeks later mother, father and Kitten were often coming to eat separately - at different times, am and pm. I did NOT want to break up their family unit. A week ago I brought Kitten home after holding and petting her for a couple of weeks. She's about 3 months old, extremely affectionate and happily living with my other cats. I still feed both parents and hope to bring Kitten to see them soon, so they know she's OK. Also hope to bring her mother home but she won't let me pet her yet. Obviously they need to be spayed.

Kitten used a litter box immediately when I brought her home, then four days later started PEEING on the bed - my side, down comforter, while I was in bed AND after I got up. First time she managed to wet and ruin 3 pillows, plus the washable comforter and sheets. After reading the many posts on GardenWeb here - I decided to try pheromone spray - Feliway by Comfort Zone which I found at Petco (available from web stores also). I sprayed the comforter lightly, waited a while, then let Kitten in the bedroom. She hopped on the bed, sniffed all over the comforter PURRING loudly, then left. At the same time I switched her litter. I have been using Cat Country non-tracking, dust-free pellets and thought she'd prefer something softer and sandier. Decided to try Blue Buffalo Walnut based fine sandy textured clumping litter. It's Fantastic - unscented with absolutely no odor, not much tracking, and she loves it. She's using her box again! Will continue to spray the comforter once a day with Feliway just to be safe. This spray is also supposed to stop cats from clawing furniture, and a plug-in version can help to calm a stressed cat or cats in a multi-cat home according to the packaging. These products are expensive but the spray was worth the price of not having to wash all the bedding every day not to mention replacing 3 pillows.

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I'm glad that your problem was easily solved. We had a kitten once that repeatedly peed on my husband's side of the bed. With him in it and without him. We asked the vet and he said he is marking your husband as his. He told us to switch from me feeding him to my husband feeding him. It solved the problem.

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