Which water heater??

alakatApril 29, 2013

I live in a 2900 sq ft house with an upstairs master bath that has a large jacuzzi tub. we currently have a 58 gal electric water tank that we'll need to replace to have sufficient hot water. Will a tankless work for us? Looking for suggestions! Thanks.

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A large-capacity electric tankless water heater requires a hefty electric circuit ... considerably larger than a traditional tank unit. Some rewiring would be needed to retrofit one in place of an existing tank unit. What size circuit depend on the capacity of the selected tankless unit. My whole-house electric tankless requires a 120 amp circuit, compared to a typical 50-gal tank unit taking a 25- to 30 amp circuit.

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Great point, dadoes - most people don't talk about that part of it!

The other thing to consider is flow rate. Electric tankless water heaters pass water through/past elements that heat the water so you'll need to know what gpm will be passing through your heater at any one time. If it's a point of use heater, this is easy - you just have one fixture to worry about. If the heater will be serving more than one fixture, combine the gpm of each fixture to determine your max flow rate. Then check for a heater that will accomodate that flow rate at the output temperature that you want.

There's a few more details to iron out, but that'll get you to a point where you can start weeding out what won't work for you.

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Ty all for your feedback! It did help me make my decision to go w/ a larger electric WH. Now down to the question of brand?!

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