Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Sink

lex127April 21, 2011

Hi - I'm having water pressure issues in my kitchen sink only. I have a Pfister pull-out faucet (Model # F-WKP-53). There is no side sprayer.

A few days ago I had the faucet running. While I was using it there seemed to be a noticeable drop in water pressure. I had the dishwasher going at the same time and thought that maybe that was the issue and it would just go back to normal later. That did not happen.

The faucet isn't leaking. I went to some websites that suggested removing the head and seeing the flow coming from the hose (which apparently would help rule out an aerator issue) and I thought the flow seemed a little weak. The water pressure is the same whether it is on hot or cold. THere are no other water pressure issues with any other sinks.

I know nothing about plumbing so any advice is appreciated.

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Might be a blockage in the line at the faucet. I had that issue when we used the hot water side all of a sudden low flow. Opened it up and found a gasket fell apart and a small piece clogged the line.

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Thanks kbncan. I know nothing about plumbing. Can you take a look at this diagram and tell me where I should be looking?


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