Drain Pipe for Toilet

spafrica2003April 28, 2010

I'm replacing the cast-iron drain stack with ABS. Currently the toilet drain comes out of the bottom of the toilet, into a 90 degree bend, travels about 2.5 feet and enters the stack in a Sani-T. I want to replace it with a 45 degree angle that enters a Wye. Is that considered a violation of code?

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code prohibits connecting a waste arm to a vertical stack with a wye & 1/8 bend...you must use a sani-tee

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When you say "waste arm" does that include any drain pipe or just toilet drains?

Also, what's the reason a Wye and 1/8 bend are prohibited in the code? What would that do to the system? It seems to me it would eliminate clog points by having fewer sharp angles for things to pass around.

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